Toyosu Tuna Auction and Tsukiji Outer Market Private Tour


See the world's most famous fish market and try the freshest sushi Tokyo has to offer. Enjoy an attractive auction at Toyosu Market and explore Tsukiji Outer Market.


  • An English-speaking guide will take you to a tuna auction in Toyosu Market
  • Explore a bustling Tsukiji Outer Market
  • Visit Namiyoke Shrine, dedicated to all the people working at Tsukiji Market
  • Enjoy ultra-fresh sushi at restaurants around Toyosu Market and Tsukiji Outer Market

Key Information

Important Information

Except for the Tuna Auction Observation Gallery on the 2nd floor, there is a “special lower observation deck” where you can watch the Tuna Auction at a closer distance. If you'd like to observe from the special lower observation deck, you must make an online application before the middle of the previous month. 120 people will be chosen by lottery. Please book well in advance. The maximum number of guests on this tour is 8. If you are in a small group, there is a chance you'll be paired with another group.


The Tokyo Metropolitan Government opened Toyosu Market in 2018 as a replacement for Tsukiji Market. On this tour, you'll explore both markets and see what delicious delights they have to offer. Tetsuya, a nationally-licensed tour guide, will show you the Tuna Auction Observation Gallery on the 2nd floor of Toyosu Market. From there, you'll see various registered buyers, wearing caps with their company's name and certified number card. They inspect which tuna is worth buying by carefully examining a cross-section near the tail, checking the oil content, color, texture, and taste. The tuna auction usually begins at about 5:30 am and ends at about 6:30 am. You'll also visit Tsukiji Outer Market. The market is home to more than 400 stores lined on both sides of the streets, with sushi and ramen restaurants, seafood stores, kitchen knife stores, fruit and vegetable stores, chinaware stores, green tea stores, Japanese confectionery stores, and many others. There are also many kinds of umami (savory taste) ingredients such as kombu kelp and flakes of dried bonito for sale here. You can enjoy the market's old charm and soak in its rich history. There is also one special spot to visit: Namiyoke Shrine. It houses a guardian deity for the people working at Tsukiji Outer Market. In the precinct of the shrine, you can see a huge lion’s mask displayed. Book this tour now and both of Tokyo's famous fish markets!

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