The photo is an image and may differ from the actual Shinkansen train running on the route of this product.

Himeji–Hiroshima Bullet Train Shinkansen Tickets

The photo is an image and may differ from the actual Shinkansen train running on the route of this product.


Speed between Himeji and Hiroshima with reserved Shinkansen bullet train tickets. Book online now to guarantee seats for a super-smooth journey on the Sanyo Shinkansen, for fewer stops and more fun! For other routes, see our [**Japan Shinkansen ticket page!**](


  • No fuss with timetables — we arrange seats closest to your preferred time
  • Race to adventure — tickets include the Nozomi or Mizuho super (limited) express service
  • Peace of mind — secure tickets before arriving in Japan
  • Ride easy — no queuing to buy
  • The ride of your life — enjoy true Japanese hospitality and comfort


Japan's Shinkansen bullet train network is world-famous, offering fantastic speed and superb comfort. Ideal for long-distance journeys, the Shinkansen eats up the miles for easy inter-city travel across Japan. With Himeji-to-Hiroshima bullet train tickets (or Hiroshima-to-Himeji bullet train tickets), you’ll cruise along the Sanyo Shinkansen at incredible speed on a ride like no other. If your itinerary covers Himeji and Hiroshima, book reserved bullet train tickets now, so nothing gets in the way of your perfect Japan adventure! **About Fares** • A basic fare ticket is required for all train travel in Japan • Travel on the Shinkansen requires a supplemental super (limited) express ticket • To guarantee your seat, all our options include both the basic fare ticket and a super (limited) express reserved seat ticket

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Passenger ages: • Adult: ages 12+ (12-year-olds still in elementary school count as “Child”) • Child: ages 6–11 (6-year-olds who have not entered elementary school count as “Infant”) • Infant: ages 1–5 years • Baby: less than 1 year old Fares for children, infants, and babies: • The Child basic fare, limited express, express, and reserved seat tickets are half the adult price (5 yen is rounded down) • Infants and Babies require no fare except: 1: When the number of Infants accompanying 1 adult or child is 3 or more (fares and charges are required for the third and any additional Infants) 2: When an Infant or Baby uses a reserved seat 3: When an Infant travels alone