Shin-Yokohama–Okayama Shinkansen Bullet Train Tickets

Shin-Yokohama–Okayama Shinkansen Bullet Train Tickets

Shin-Yokohama–Okayama Shinkansen Bullet Train Tickets


Speed between Yokohama and Okayama with reserved Shinkansen bullet train tickets. Book online now to guarantee seats for a super-smooth journey.


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Japan's Shinkansen bullet train network is known around the world for its speed, safety, comfort, efficiency, and punctuality. With Yokohama-to-Okayama bullet train tickets (or Okayama-to-Yokohama bullet train tickets) you’ll enjoy top speeds of around 320 km/h as you cruise along the Shinkansen. Designed for long-distance journeys, the Shinkansen eats up the miles for easy inter-city travel across Japan. Whether it’s Tokyo, Yokohama, Himeji, Kyoto, Osaka, or Okayama — wherever you’re going, the bullet train ensures a quick and comfortable journey like nothing else. If your itinerary covers Yokohama and Okayama, book reserved bullet train tickets now, so nothing gets in the way of your perfect Japan adventure! **About Fares** • A basic fare ticket is required for all train travel in Japan • Travel on the Shinkansen requires a supplemental super (limited) express ticket • To guarantee your seat, all our options include both the basic fare ticket and a super (limited) express reserved seat ticket • Travel in Green Car (first class seating) requires an additional ticket sold separately • Child prices (ages 6–11) are half the price of adults • Ages 0–5 may ride for free; see How it works for details **Other Notes** - Shin-Yokohama Station is the only Shinkansen stop in Yokohama; Yokohama Station is not on any Shinkansen line, but is just 12 minutes from Shin-Yokohama by subway - We will arrange non-smoking seats unless you request otherwise - To find tickets for other routes, see our [**Japan Shinkansen ticket page**](

How it works

**Receiving Tickets:** • Once your booking is confirmed, if you didn’t book the delivery add-on, collect your tickets from [**our office**]( opposite Yurakucho Station (2 minutes by train from Tokyo Station) • Please provide the following info when collecting tickets (found in your confirmation email): 1) Your order number 2) Name used for your booking 3) Dates of your tickets • Note there are no QR tickets; you must receive your tickets with magnetic strip to ride the Shinkansen **Ticket Use:** • Reserved seat tickets guarantee travel on the date, time, and seat printed on the ticket (we will provide a translation) • Your tickets cannot be used if you miss your reserved train, but you may be able to change them for an earlier reservation, depending on availability **About Infants:** • Ages 1–5 may travel for free, but need a child ticket in these cases: 1: When three or more infants accompany one adult or child (tickets are required for the third and any additional infants) 2: When an infant occupies their own reserved seat 3: When an infant travels alone • Babies (age 0) may travel for free, but need a child ticket when occupying their own reserved seat **Oversized Baggage** • Baggage with dimensions (height + width + depth) totaling 160 cm–250 cm requires a reservation, except for strollers, wheelchairs, sports equipment, musical instruments, and leisure equipment • You can change your seats to oversize luggage seats free of charge by taking your tickets to a “Midori no Madoguchi” Shinkansen ticket office • You must pay the conductor a 1,000 JPY carry-on fee if you bring oversized baggage onboard without a reservation • Baggage with dimensions totaling more than 250 cm is not allowed onboard