Kobe Beef Yakiniku Course at Kobe Aburi Bokujo Main Branch, Osaka


Feast on barbecued Kobe beef, one of the best-known and most highly prized breeds of wagyu (Japanese beef), at the main branch of Kobe Aburi Bokujo, conveniently located in central Osaka. Choose from three courses — all lasting two hours — and get a welcome drink with your order!


  • Enjoy a hearty course with Kobe beef, one of the most famous and most highly prized types of wagyu, as the star
  • Reserve online with us to save yourselves the trouble of lining up on the day
  • A reasonably priced Kobe beef restaurant with over 4 stars on Google and TripAdvisor ratings
  • Conveniently located — very close to Osaka and Umeda Stations, some of Osaka's main transport hubs
  • As a perk for those who book via Rakuten Travel Experiences, enjoy a welcome drink with your meal

Key Information

Important Information

• A minimum of 2 people is required for us to accept your booking; the maximum group size is 10 people • Diners of all ages are welcome in the restaurant, but please provide the number of children in your group, as well as the age of each child, when booking • Prices listed here are per person, not per group. Additionally, each person in your group must order the same course in order to be seated together • Images and menus here are for reference only; actual menus are subject to change depending on the season, ingredient availability, and other conditions • Please note that smoking is allowed in the restaurant. It does not have a non-smoking area, and specific seating requests cannot be granted


Looking for a reasonably priced place where you can enjoy Kobe beef? Book the main branch of Kobe Aburi Bokujo, a popular Kobe beef restaurant with two centrally located branches in Osaka, for hearty Kobe beef courses that won't set your finances back too much! Costing less than 10,000 JPY per person, Kobe Aburi Bokujo's courses are relatively affordable, considering that Kobe beef is one of the most popular types of wagyu (Japanese beef). It often comes up in rankings and lists of the best wagyu beef, and is well-known among foodies in Japan and around the world. Referring to high-grade, industry-certified beef from cattle raised in specific conditions in Hyogo Prefecture's Kobe, this type of wagyu is loved for its tender melt-in-your-mouth texture and fine marbling. Located just a short walk away from Osaka and Umeda Station, both major transport hubs in downtown Osaka, the main branch of Kobe Aburi Bokujo has ratings of over four stars on Google and TripAdvisor. As such, it can be crowded during peak hours and seasons, so book a course with us online for the convenience — no need to worry about whether or not the restaurant will be crowded when you visit! Take your pick from three courses, all lasting for two hours and including yakiniku (barbecue)-style meat: a regular Kobe beef course, a luxury Kobe beef course featuring upgraded, portions and premium cuts, or the Aburi Bokujo course, which does not include Kobe beef but features Kuroge (Japanese black) wagyu beef. Aside from wagyu (the star attraction), all courses come with a variety of dishes such as Korean-style appetizers and seaweed soup — plus, as a perk for those who book with Rakuten Travel Experiences, a welcome drink. You'll surely feel full when your two hours are up!

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