Kyoto Walking Tour—Guided Morning Tour


Kyoto is a rich repository of Japan's history and culture. Walk the streets of Shirakawa and Furukawacho to experience Kyoto daily life & enjoy beautiful cherry blossoms as you stroll through this quaint neighborhood on a professional walking tour.


  • Stray off the beaten path to experience the real Kyoto, Japan
  • Start your day off with a refreshing morning walking tour
  • Stroll local Kyoto neighborhoods while getting to know everyday Japanese life
  • Explore Furukawa-cho Shopping Arcade and Awata Shrine

Key Information

Important Information

- As this tour does not include time for breakfast, please eat something before the tour begins - As this is a walking-intensive tour, please wear comfortable shoes, and bring rain gear for inclement weather - Please note that depending on the cherry blossoms blooming period, you may not be able to see the cherry blossoms at full bloom - Children age 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult - Tour content is subject to change without notice - We bear no responsibility for injuries sustained on the tour - Tours may not operate over the New Year’s Holiday and other national holidays - When finished, the tour will return to the starting point


Kyoto is widely recognized around the world as a major attraction for people interested in Japan's history and culture. On this tour of eastern Kyoto, you'll see one of Kyoto’s local shrines, experience a slice of everyday life with a walk through a quaint neighborhood and shopping arcade, and enjoy thoughtful explanations of the area’s history and culture from a certified guide. The Furukawacho Shopping Arcade, the starting point for this tour, was historically a focal point for traffic coming into Kyoto from the east. This tour starts at Furukawa Shuzo, a local community center, in the heart of the shopping arcade. You will make your way to the scenic Shirakawa River just a short walk away. Walking upstream, you will come to a holy shrine dedicated to the safe passage of travelers, veiled in a blanket of leaves. Looking out upon the amazing view from there, you will forget about the bustle of the city. This area is famous for its many temples and shrines and their awe-inspiring seasonal scenery, but you will also be pleased to discover many interesting tidbits of information about Japanese everyday life that will pique your interest. This tour will not only uncover these many hidden treasures but also give you an inside look at history and Kyoto culture. Join us on this exploration of this amazing community and see beyond the surface.

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