Buy Suica Card Online (with Tokyo Pass for Airport Transfer)
Buy Suica Card Online (with Tokyo Pass for Airport Transfer)

Buy Suica Card Online (with Tokyo Pass for Airport Transfer)

Buy Suica Card Online (with Tokyo Pass for Airport Transfer)
Buy Suica Card Online (with Tokyo Pass for Airport Transfer)


Buy a handy Welcome Suica card online to enjoy easy travel and cashless convenience across Japan! While the standard green prepaid Suica cards are now virtually unavailable, the red Welcome Suica is great for travelers, and includes the 1-Day JR Lines Pass & Tokyo Monorail Pass for unlimited travel in the city! Wondering where to buy Suica card online? Book now with Rakuten Travel Experiences, and collect on arrival at Haneda Airport. ★ **Grab another travel essential at the same time — [reserve a mobile WiFi router for Haneda pickup!](**


  • Welcome Suica + IC Special Pass: includes 1-day unlimited rides on Tokyo Monorail Line and most JR trains in Tokyo
  • Book with a Rakuten account to earn and use points for each purchase!
  • Enjoy small savings with no need to calculate fares before boarding trains
  • Ride city trains, subways, or buses without touching tickets or cash
  • Easy pickup from Haneda Airport, use the pass for the airport monorail!


Forget fumbling for change in a foreign currency — buy a Suica card to travel cashless in Tokyo! Standard Suica cards are not available now from ticket machines, but you can book a Welcome Suica online to pickup at the airport, and enjoy cashless travel around Japan. Furthermore, we offer the "Welcome Suica With IC Special Pass" to replace the regular Suica card. This gives you 28 days to explore Japan with cashless, ticket-free travel, *and* a day of unlimited travel on JR lines around Tokyo, plus the Tokyo Monorail, for one day. Suica is Tokyo's most widely used prepaid e-money card. It covers areas served by JR East railways, plus Sendai and Niigata, but it also can be used across a wide range of coverage areas all over Japan. Suica can also be used in areas served by the following IC cards: • Kitaca (JR Hokkaido) • PASMO (Tokyo area) • ICOCA (JR West) • manaca (Various railways and bus lines serving Nagoya, including Meitetsu) • TOICA (JR Tokai) • PiTaPa (Kansai Thru Pass) • SUGOCA (JR Kyushu) • nimoca (Various railways and bus lines serving Fukuoka) • Hayakaken (Various railways and bus lines serving Fukuoka) Board buses without coins, ride trains without tickets, pay for goods, and use services like lockers and more with just one tap. Suica is not just for transportation — it's also a cashless payment option you can use at all manner of establishments: shops, convenience stores, kiosks, vending machines, and even lockers. What's more, using a Suica is not just convenient; it also saves you money. Paying for your train fare by IC card saves you 1–9 JPY each time (usually around 1–2 JPY on average), which may not seem like much, but will still add up if you're a frequent traveler. One-way travel within Tokyo typically costs about 150-200 JPY, and on average, you can expect to spend about 1,000 JPY per day on public transport. Once you've received your Suica, using it will be a breeze! Just tap and go, and if you're falling short, you can easily top up your card at ticketing machines all over Japan. If you've added too much cash, not to worry — you’ll be able to get your balance back before you leave Japan (see the Important Information for details). Book now to secure a Welcome Suica of your own!

How it works

FAQ **Can I buy a Suica card online?** Yes! If you order from Rakuten Travel Experiences, you can collect a Welcome Suica card from Haneda Airport Terminal 3. **How to buy a Suica card online?** Simply book from this page in a few clicks, then collect your Welcome Suica in Japan when you arrive at Haneda Airport. If you book using a Rakuten account, you can earn or use Rakuten Points when you book. **Where to buy a Suica card?** Due to a shortage of chips, you cannot currently buy regular Suica cards at JR station ticket offices or vending machines. Instead, you can order a “Welcome Suica” for tourists, which is valid for up to 28 days. This is only available to collect at Haneda Airport. Order online to ensure your card is there when you arrive. **What is a "Welcome Suica with IC Special Pass"** This is special Suica card package provided by JR East. The Welcome Suica with IC Special Pass includes 1 day of unlimited rides on non-reserved seats on JR local and rapid trains within the 23 Special Wards of Tokyo, and 1 day of unlimited rides on the Tokyo Monorail between Haneda Airport and Hamamachucho, all in one card. To travel other than with the 1-day pass, please charge it with credit. ***For more info on how to recharge and use your Suica Card, read our [full guide here](***