Setouchi Architecture Luxury Day Cruise & Hotel Stay


Indulge in luxury for a day! Board the ship of your dreams and cruise through the Setouchi Islands. Discover the architecture on Omishima Island and admire the works of renowned architects. Relax in a luxurious hotel at the end of the day.


  • Relax in style at Setouchi Retreat Aonagi
  • Learn about Omishima Island from a knowledgeable English-speaking guide
  • Discover one of the Setouchi Islands aboard a luxury cruise ship
  • Admire the oeuvre of internationally-acclaimed Japanese architects

Key Information


The Setouchi Islands are a group of islands across the Seto Inland Sea, hailed by the New York Times as one of the “52 Places to Go in 2019.” In this tour, you will sail from Mihara City to Omishima Island, where you will discover artistic gems from an award-winning Japanese architect. Then you will cruise to Matsuyama City, where you can cap off the night at a luxurious hotel. Begin your cruise at Mihara Port Ferry Terminal in Mihara City and sail to Miyaura Port on Omishima Island. The journey takes about 40 minutes, during which you can appreciate the glassy Seto Inland Sea and feel the breeze out on the deck. Nature and art thrive on Omishima Island. The lauded architect, Toyo Ito, has made it the home of three museums that he designed: Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture, Tokoro Museum Omishima, and Ken Iwata Mother and Child Museum. Head to Toyo Ito Museum of Architecture, which comprises the Steel Hut and the Silver Hut. The Steel Hut stands out with its striking angular shape and jet-black color. Inside, admire the collection of Toyo Ito’s work — the slanted walls make for an interesting exhibition space! By contrast, the Silver Hut, Ito’s relocated former residence, is light and airy. See more fantastic artworks by international artists at the Tokoro Museum Omishima. Then walk around the Ken Iwata Mother and Child Museum, a semi-outdoor exhibit enclosed by the ring of a concrete wall. Admire statues by Ken Iwata depicting evocative human figures. Visit the wooden house Omishima Furusato Ikoi-no-Ie, formerly an elementary school renovated into a guest house. Savor the mellow atmosphere as you look out into the sea just across it. From Miyaura Port, cruise to Anchorage Marina in Matsuyama City. Bite into some sumptuous finger food onboard for lunch as you wait to arrive. Upon arrival, take a taxi to Setouchi Retreat Aonagi, a hotel built and designed by praised architect Ando Tadao. Admire the minimal design, with pool looking out into scenic views of the Seto Inland Sea. Though minimalist in style, this hotel does not skimp on hospitality: Sip a free welcoming drink when you arrive. Have a beautiful and delicious dinner, and then, sleep off the day’s journey in an all-suite room. Your breakfast will be ready the next day.

How it works

• Please book at least 15 days before your preferred date. Note that prices vary according to the number of participants, as well as the season and/or day of the week • Option availabilities vary depending on the day of the week and are as follows: —A-1: Tuesdays to Thursdays from April through October —A-2: Saturdays from April through October —B-1: Fridays from April through October —B-2: Sundays from April through October —C-1: Sundays to Thursdays from November through March —C-2: Fridays and Saturdays from November through March —D-1: Sundays to Thursdays from December through February —D-2: Fridays and Saturdays from December through February