Toei Kyoto Studio Park Ticket and JR Kansai Area Pass Bundle


Get your Toei Kyoto Studio Park together with a Kansai Area Pass to enjoy unlimited travel in the region. This the ninja theme park and open-air film set for samurai-era movies is a must for lovers of Edo-period fun.


  • Feel transported back in time at Japan's best Edo-style theme park
  • Enjoy unlimited travel for 1 or 3 days around the Kansai area
  • Immerse yourself in a world of samurai, ninja, feudal lords, and geisha
  • See how samurai-themed movies are filmed in the open-air set

Key Information

Important Information

# Toei Studio Park - As of June 15, 2020, guests aged 2 or older must wear face masks when entering the park. All guests will be subjected to a temperature check - Park tickets are for one-time admission only - Admission is free for children aged 0–2 # Kansai Area Pass - This pass is only available for non-Japanese passport holders entering Japan with a "Temporary Visitor" status - If the ticket machines are defective, or the area for scanning your passport has no IC chip, please proceed to the JR West Ticket Office to exchange your QR code for a physical ticket - This ticket is valid for use on: - Non-reserved seats on Kansai-Airport Express Haruka train - Special Rapid Services, Rapid Services, and local trains on JR West conventional lines - West Japan JR Bus services within the area - Multi-day passes must be used on consecutive days - Two children (ages 1–5) may travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult pass holder, given that they do not occupy a seat. A third child will require a child rail pass - Children aged 0–12 months may travel free of charge - Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable - Please carry your passport at all times; you will be asked to present it when using your rail pass; there may be other times when JR staff may request to see your passport - The rail pass will be void if the magnetic ticket is detached from the rail pass book - Rail passes cannot be reissued even if lost or stolen


Step inside Toei Kyoto Studio Park and travel back in time to Edo period feudal Japan! The park, locally known as Toei Uzumasa Eigamura, is a fantasy theme park in Kyoto which revives the classical spirit of the Edo period, by creating a replica of an old Japanese town, including traditional buildings, and staff dressed as ninja, samurai, and geisha. In fact, Toei Kyoto Studio Park is also used as an open-air film set for Edo period movies and TV shows. If you're lucky, you might get to watch a scene being filmed or glimpse a Japanese celebrity. Moreover, this place is also an amusement park with numerous attractions, stage shows, live performances, and cultural activities offered for visitors. Furthermore, you will be able to watch attractive ninja or samurai live shows and be amazed by the professional skills of the actors. Toei Kyoto Studio Park is an ideal place to experience traditional style Japan from the Edo period (17th–19th century) and amuse yourself among the ninja and samurai warriors. • Shows (included in entry price): - The Clash of Ninjas! The Ninja Show, Sasuke - Jidaigeki, Behind-The-Scenes - Samurai Sword Fighting Lesson - Terakoya — Edo Period Classroom Re-Enactment (certain days only) - Guided Park Tour - Street Performance Re-Enactment - Super Heroes & Heroines Meet & Greet Event (certain days only) • Attractions (additional fees apply): - Iga-ryu Shuriken throwing high-score contest - SWORD N' GO - Laser Mission "Escape the Castle" - 3D Maze The Ninja Fort - Haunted House - Ninja Mystery House - Hero Land (featuring Kamen Rider and Super Sentai) - Kids Land (open Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays) - Digital Deep Sea Aquarium (open Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays) - 3D Theater ( 360°) - Costume Rental Shop - Costume Photo Shop If you find Kyoto a little too urban and want to immerse yourself in classical old-style Japan, why not explore the neighboring areas using the JR Kansai Area Pass? • Kansai Area Pass The Kansai Area Pass is for exclusive use by non-Japanese visitors to Japan. Use a 1-Day or 3-Day Kansai Area Pass for travel in the Kansai region, including Osaka, Nara, and Kobe. The pass is good for unlimited travel on local JR trains, buses, and the Haruka limited express.

How it works

# Toei Kyoto Studio Park Admission Ticket 1. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address when your booking is completed 2. Present the e-ticket with QR code at the entrance of the park for admission # Kansai Area Pass 1. Receive an electronic voucher (e-MCO) by email after your booking is confirmed 2. Take your e-MCO and non-Japanese passport with Temporary Visitor stamp to any [e-MCO machines] or [green ticket vending machine], within 90 days of purchase 3. Select a pass start date, up to 90 days later 4. Use your pass at automatic ticket gates for the pass duration starting on your selected date *Non-biometric passport holders can exchange the e-MCO at the JR ticket office in the train station.

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