Photo Tour: Enjoy Photographic Scenic Beauty in Tokyo!




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At first glance from a distance, Tokyo might seem like a concrete jungle. But just one step closer is needed to see that it's full of beautiful and interesting spots, priceless for both amateur and professional photographers. I will help you select spots to visit, depending on your preferences. We can also spend only a few hours or a whole day, following your pace. I will be happy to discuss where to go together with you. A couple of themed selection: - Modern Tokyo: Shinjuku, Ginza, Shibuya, Akihabara, etc. - Historical and traditional: Asakusa, Yanaka, Ueno, etc. - Japanese gardens: Shinjukugyoen, Koishikawa-korakuen, etc. - Waterfront: Odaiba Do you need to buy some equipment before shooting? I know all the best photography shops in Tokyo, both those selling the most advanced new cameras and those secret places, where you can get barely used stuff for a bargain. Just let me know!

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