Enjoy Japanese sake and food culture in Ginza, Tokyo


There are about 500 labels of Japanese sake. In this activity I will bring you to a popular Izakaya, or Japanese bar. There I will introduce you to different types of sake.


  • Visit a Japanese Izakaya bar
  • Choose between 140 kinds of sake

Key Information


There are about 500 kinds of sake in Japan. But the sake that we often see is not very tasty. Therefore, I recommend tastier sake brands. In this activity I'd like to bring you to a hidden Izakaya bar, famous among lovers of sake. The Japanese bar that i'm going to take you to is open from 11:30 am until 10 pm. It is located in Ginza, Tokyo. I can pick you up from your hotel or we can meet in Ginza. I'll take care of the reservation in advance. Please book in advance and enjoy sake with me!

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