Wear Kimono & Experience Japanese Culture in Hiroshima!


Experience Japanese culture while wearing Kimono in Hiroshima! We offer many different Japanese cultural experiences at affordable prices. We want to enable you to learn in depth about Japanese culture!


  • Wear kimono & participate in Japanese cultural experiences in Hiroshima!
  • Numerous cultural experiences offered at affordable prices!
  • Choose from Making your own matcha, Making modern Japanese style Mizuhiki accessory and Making luxurious washi paper notebook with silk cover,
  • Learn in depth about the Japanese life through these hands-on activities!

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- Please arrive 10 minutes earlier before the activity starts - Open hours: 10am - 4pm


Get dressed in a Kimono and join the Japanese culture experience in Hiroshima! Hiroshima is a great city to visit, and the city is famous for many stunning sightseeing spots like Hiroshima Castle, Itsukushima Shrine, the Peace Memorial Park, and the A-Bomb Dome. The city is also known for great local food and local culture, and through this activity we give you the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture while wearing a Kimono in Hiroshima. This experience offers you the chance to dress up in a Kimono, and join one of many different cultural experiences such as: - Matcha brewing Brew yourself a bowl of 'matcha' green tea with a traditional bamboo whisk, and learn the manners of the tea ceremony. - Making modern Japanese style Mizuhiki accessory You can make neo-traditional style accessory with mizuhiki – colorful traditional paper codes used for decorating gifts. - Making luxurious washi paper notebook with silk cover You can make one of a kind Japanese style notebook which can be used as a diary or a travel scrapbook filled with Japan’s mementos. Enjoy choosing your favorite fabric for its cover from selection of 50 former silk kimono, and rustic texture of handmade Japan made rice paper. Choose the experience you would like to participate in, and learn the Japanese culture in depth while wearing a Kimono in Hiroshima!

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