Join a Nagoya Yanagibashi Fish Market tour with Sushi


This tour offers an excursion around Nagoya Fish Market called Yanagibashi with a lisenced guide followed by either breakfast of fresh sushi at a nearby restaurant or a sushi cooking experience.


  • Visit Yanagibashi Chuo Ichiba Fish Market in Nagoya
  • See giant tuna being cut up with sword-like long knives
  • Watch poisonous fugu and many other fish being prepared for restaurants
  • Learn how to choose fish and make different types of sushi or have a sushi fresh sushi breakfast at a local restaurant
  • Shop for fresh seafood and other goods at the market

Key Information

Important Information

Please note that the floor of the fish market is wet and some water may be splattered around, so please dress accordingly. Please do not touch the fish and equipment Feel free to take as many photos as you like


You will take a morning walk through sleepy Nagoya to Nagoya Fish Market and see freshly caught fish being sold and prepared for the restaurants and shops for the day. Founded over 100 years ago, the market has over 400 stalls and shops and provides seafood for the entire city. You will see giant Maguro (tuna) being sliced with huge swords and special machines, fugu (poisonous puffer-fish) being prepared by the professional cooks, and many other types of fish and seafood in all variety being sold. You will also be able to buy seafood and other goods such as pickles, seaweed, senbei (rice crackers), and much more. After the tour of the fish market, we will take you to the sushi restaurant nearby serving the fresh fish from the market, or we will buy fish at the market and head back to Nishiasahi guest house to enjoy a sushi cooking class, where the Master will teach you how to properly prepare and slice the fish and make perfect nigiri-zushi. After the cooking class you will be able to make great sushi anywhere, anytime. Without cooking class 7:00 meet at Nagoya Station, walk to the market 7:20 Arrive at the market and stroll around with your guide 8:00 eat breakfast 8:40 buy omiyage 9:00 end of the tour With cooking class 7:00 meet at Nagoya Station, walk to the market 7:20 Arrive at the market and stroll around with your guide, pick up fish 8:00 walk to Nishiasahi 8:15 start cooking 9:00 breakfast 9:30 end of the tour *Please choose the appropriate option when booking the tour. The price is per person, so if your group is 2 or more participants, please book the tour the according number of times.

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