Learn how to Play Shamisen and Koto in Tokyo


Discover the world of Japanese traditional music when you learn how to play shamisen and koto — classical Japanese musical instruments! This is sure to be a wonderful experience during your trip to Japan.


  • Learn how to play shamisen, a 3-string Japanese instrument
  • Learn to play koto, a refined classical musical instrument

Key Information


The shamisen is a traditional 3-string Japanese instrument similar to a banjo and traditionally used to accompany Japanese Minyou, or folk music. There are, however, varying styles of playing the shamisen, including the up-tempo and percussive Tsugaru style of the Tsugaru region in Northern Japan. In recent years, Tsugaru Shamisen has become popularized by the soulful and bombastic style of the Yoshida Brothers, whose playing has turned the folk instrument into a stage performance. Although it may seem daunting, anyone can quickly learn how to play shamisen through simple songs like the popular Japanese folksong "Sakura Sakura" or even up-tempo pieces.

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