Join a Shinkage-ryu Bujutsu Martial Art Workshop, Tokyo


In this Shinkage-ryu workshop in Tokyo, you can learn what “The Sword of Yagyu” and "The Sword of Tokugawa Shogun" is, and experience and recognize the fundamental quality of Bujutsu martial arts.


  • What is Bujutsu? You will try to experience the “Body Wisdom” by using the “Body Art”.
  • What is Katsujin-ken (the sword for living)? The sword for Yagyu-Shinkage-ryu is not for killing but for persuasion and sympathy.
  • What is Nitou (Two Swords) and Ittou (One Sword) as regarded by Miyamoto Musashi?
  • What is “Muto” (No sword), Yagyu’s secret?
  • The reality of Batto-Jutsu (how to draw a sword). Is Shikage-ryu totally different from other schools’ Iai technique? Wedraw a sword without raising and swinging the arms.

Key Information


Introduction of “Shikage-ryu": The creator Kamiizumi Isenokami initiated a curious art from Kage-ryu created by Aisu Ikosai, and he began Shinkage-ryu, the "Katsunin-ken" (the sword for living). After that, this Shinkage-ryu blossomed as ”The Sword of Yagyu”, Muto (without a sword), the which Tokugawa Shogunate embraced in the Edo era. Workshop time: 2 hours Place: A Budojo or Community spaces in Tokyo Content: ・how to control your body ・how to control a sword Wa-no-Tachi (Turning Sword) Sekkou (Cover your body with a sword) Muto (No sword) Using Itto (One Sword) as Nito (Two Swords) Each participant can experience the Shinkage-ryu’s body wisdom, which even many Japanese people don’t know. And you will be able to see Shikage-ryu’s performances. (e.g. Muto-Dori) We hope you’ll greatly enjoy Shikage-ryu !

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