Guided Tour of Shrines and Temples




  • Basically bring two places: a temple and a shrine which are chosen among traditional and historical popular ones.
  • This is for your understanding and experiencing “Japanese, Wa” or “Japanese spirit for peace”.
  • You can learn how religion influences the life and sprit of the Japanese people.
  • Every manner has meaning. Why don’t you experience it together walking calmly or praying peacefully?
  • Sometimes traditional festivals or markets are hold in the precinct of temple/shrine. You can see how ordinary Japanese enjoy those with special food, drinks. Tasting is also fun. Depending on your requesting day and your interest, places are recommended.

Key Information


This is an activity where you'll learn or experience about Japan's religions, customs, shrines and temples. Accompany you to a notable shrine and/or temple in Japan then tell you the correct manners at each of these places as well as their history/culture. For example, take you to a shrine such as the Meiji Shrine that was founded in 1920 after the Emperor's death and to a temple such as the Zojoji temple that was founded in 1393 and later became Tokugawa Shogunate's family temple. Depending on your interest and event, the spot will be defined. Give you in-depth information about traditional Japanese culture that is even un-known to the local Japanese people.

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