Private Tuna Auction and Tokyo Toyosu Fish Market Tour


Discover Toyosu Fish Market on a private tour with an expert guide! Enjoy a mini tour of Tokyo on the way from your hotel to the market, watch the entire tuna auction from pre-auction checks to the very end, enjoy authentic sushi at the best restaurant in the market, take a look inside the market, and enjoy panoramic views of Tokyo from the market building rooftop!


  • Take a private Toyosu Fish Market tour with pickup in a luxury van
  • Enjoy a mini Tokyo tour on the way, and optionally add-on a Tsukiji Market or full-day city tour afterward
  • Experience the energy and excitement of the tuna auction from start to finish
  • Learn about the tuna, auctions, market, and all about Japanese food in great detail from your expert guide
  • Savor the best authentic sushi for breakfast at the best sushi restaurant in the market at your request

Key Information

Important Information

◆ A free hotel pick-up service is available from your hotel, or at or near your Airbnb in Tokyo’s wards of Chuo-ku, Chiyoda-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Shibuya-ku, Bunkyo-ku, Nakano-ku or Minato-ku (excluding the Takanawa, Shibaura, Shirokanedai, and Odaiba areas). More than 90 percent of overseas visitors to Tokyo stay in these areas; please contact me if this pick-up service is available at your accommodation (In this case, your guide will arrange transportation from your hotel to the market and pick you up at your hotel for free; you will pay the taxi fare from your hotel to Toyosu market). ◆ Auction viewing from the viewing deck requires an advance online lottery. We will apply for the deck-spots lottery for you if you book the tour by the application deadline. Please contact us for availability. ◆ This tour can also become a special extended tour for two groups, with luxury seafood and food gifts from the market. In this case, the total maximum number of participants is six people between both groups. Please feel free to inquire about the availability of this special tour.


This is a private tour for up to 10 people, including hotel or Airbnb pick-up service. A private Tsukiji Old Market tour can also be added on to the experience, for just 6250 yen regardless of the group size — a great deal! A full-day city tour can also be added ◆ Private Tuna Auction and Toyosu Market Tour (04:30–09:00) Total price your group will pay: 1 Person = 25,000 JPY (25,000 per person) 2 People = 27,000 JPY (13,500 per person) 3 People = 31,500 JPY (10,500 per person) 4 People = 36,240 JPY (9,060 per person) 5 People = 38,750 JPY (7,750 per person) 6 People = 41,280 JPY (6,880 per person) 7 People = 43,750 JPY (6,250 per person) 8 People = 47,040 JPY (5,880 per person) 9 People = 49,540 JPY (5,500 per person) 10 People = 52,040 JPY (5,200 per person) 1) Hotel Pickup (around 04:30) Your guide will pick you up in a luxury taxi at your hotel (or at/near your Airbnb) at around 04:30, and give you a short Tokyo tour on the way to the market (Your guide will arrange the transportation to the market, but you will pay the cost from your hotel to Toyosu Market). 2) Tuna Auction Tour (05:00–06:30) Watch the entire auction from start to finish, including tuna inspection from 05:00 to 05:30, and the frantic auction of more than 1,000 tuna seen from the second floor between 05:30 and 06:30. Or, if we win the application lottery, we will watch the auction from the closer viewing deck for 10 minutes (The viewing deck requires advance application by lottery; we will apply for your tour if you have booked by the application deadline). 3) Toyosu Market Tour (06:30–09:00) After the tuna auction, your experienced guide will give you a market tour and you will learn about the marketplace, food distribution, and various Japanese foods by sampling them while browsing the shops and stalls of Toyosu Market. This is the best place to buy souvenirs in Japan. Visit vendors of fish, vegetables, ceramics, utensils, etc., and cover topics like fish, sushi, ikejime, fish aging, Japanese table and sushi manners, umami, dashi, koji mold, wagyu, miso, green tea, sake, Japanese sweets, fruits and vegetables, kitchen knives, and more! You will also enjoy the best panoramic view of Tokyo's skyline and Tokyo Bay from the rooftop garden of Toyosu Market, and learn about the history and geography of Tokyo. You can also eat excellent authentic sushi at the best sushi restaurant in the market, at your request. Or your guide can take you to other restaurants, such as a tempura restaurant where chefs will fry your tempura right in front of your eyes (The cost of breakfast is not included in the tour price). ◆ Add-on Tours ◆ If you want to explore Tokyo further after touring Toyosu Market, why not book one of these add-on tours? You can add these during checkout, to complement the Toyosu Fish Market Private Tour (All are optional). ◆ Private Tsukiji Old Market Tour (1 hour, 08:30–9:30) The Tsukiji Outer Market is located next to the old Tsukiji Market site, about a 10-minute drive from the Toyosu Market. There are around 600 small restaurants and stores, offering a wide variety of fish, shellfish, agricultural produce and food products, where you can shop, eat, drink and learn more about them. We will visit the Namiyoke Inari Shrine which is believed to protect the Tsukiji district, and you can learn a little about Japanese religion and the proper ways to make a prayer. Bookable as an add-on for just 6,250 JPY regardless of the group size, this tour extension is a real bargain! Total price your group will pay: 1 Person = 6,250 JPY (6,250 yen per person) 2 People = 6,250 JPY (3,130 per person) 3 People = 6,250 JPY (2,080 per person) 4 People = 6,250 JPY (1,560 per person) 5 People = 6,250 JPY (1,250 per person) 6 People = 6,250 JPY (1,040 per person) 7 People = 6,250 JPY (890 per person) 8 People = 6,250 JPY (780 per person) 9 People = 6,250 JPY (690 per person) 10 People = 6,250 JPY (630 per person) ◆ Private Tokyo One-Day or Half-Day Tour (4–10 hours with hotel pick-up and drop-off, 08:30–18:30) Why don't you join our private half-day or one-day Tokyo tour, and enjoy exploring Tokyo right after touring Toyosu Market? It can start at 08:30 at the earliest, and lasts from 4 to 10 hours until 18:30, with hotel pick-up and drop-off. Please feel free to request the tour before, during, or after the private tuna auction and Toyosu market tour. You can choose from a wide range of interesting places of cultural and historical significance, plus modern attractions, listed below. Your experienced and knowledgeable guide will take you to these fascinating places, and unknown ones as well, in an efficient manner as you learn about Japanese culture, history, and food along the way. Your guide will also introduce you to whatever restaurants best suit your taste for the day. Message us before the tour, and we will plan the perfect tour to meet your requests and requirements. Recommended destinations: • Tokyo Imperial Palace • Sensoji Temple • Edo-Tokyo Museum • Kiyosumi Garden • Tokyo National Museum • Tokyo Tower • Tokyo Water Bus • Meiji Shrine • Harajuku • Shibuya • Digital Museum • Roppongi Hills Mori Tower Tokyo City View & Sky Deck ◆ Private Yokohama One-Day Tour (4–10 hours with hotel pick-up and drop-off, 08:30–18:30) • Sankeien Garden • Yamashita Park • Minatomirai District • Cup Noodles Museum • Noge

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