Have Fun in Kansai Pass + Universal Studios Japan Studio Pass
Have Fun in Kansai Pass + Universal Studios Japan Studio Pass

Have Fun in Kansai Pass + Universal Studios Japan Studio Pass

Have Fun in Kansai Pass + Universal Studios Japan Studio Pass
Have Fun in Kansai Pass + Universal Studios Japan Studio Pass


Grab a great value e-ticket package for sightseeing in Kansai. With a "Have Fun in Kansai Pass" choose 3 of your favorite facilities and enjoy them all with one ticket! Bundled with a Universal Studios Japan Studio Pass you'll have 3 days of non-stop excitement! Book a [Universal Express Pass](https://rakuten-travelexp.net/usj-express-overview-41020) separately to skip lines for popular rides as well!


  • Choices include Wonder Loop Bus and Santa Maria Day Cruise!
  • Use your Rakuten account to earn or use Rakuten Points with each order!
  • Have Fun in Kansai Pass gives a choice of 3 great facilities any time in 1 week
  • Explore Universal Studios Japan in 10 amazing zones like Super Nintendo World™ and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter™
  • Maximize your time with Universal Express Pass (sold separately) to skip the lines at popular rides


Combine the Have Fun in Kansai Pass with a Universal Studios Japan Studio Pass, and you can experience all the fun of Kansai with a single great package! ![have fun kansai image](https://rakuten-travelexp.net/4bH8Zij) You can redeem the Have Fun in Kansai Pass 3 times in total, at any of the facilities listed below! Included facilities may changes without notice, so for full and latest details on each facility offered with the Have Fun in Kansai Pass, including location, hours, etc., please [click here](https://rakuten-travelexp.net/3HUyKyF). **Osaka** Tickets and experiences: • Santa Maria Day Cruise ticket (worth 1,600 JPY) • Umeda Sky Building Kuchu Teiein Observatory (worth 1,500 JPY) • Wonder Loop Cruise after 5 p.m. (worth 1,200 JPY) • 1-Day Kyoto-Osaka Sightseeing Pass (worth 900 JPY) Coupons: • Voucher for the Japanese Initial D Sports Car Theme Pavilion (worth 5,500 JPY, non-Japanese only) • Osaka Restaurant Floor "Ichiroku Gourmet" 1,300 JPY meal ticket • EDION Namba sightseeing enjoyment pack 1,000 JPY coupon • Paragliding solo experience 1,000 JPY coupon (except Ju–Aug, reservations required) • Strolling on the Water SUP experience 1,000 JPY coupon • Osaka Station shopping mall "LUCUA Osaka" 1,000 JPY coupon • 298 Yakinuku coupon 1,000 JPY coupon • Rutin Craft Noodle Kujo Store 1,000 JPY coupon • Oden Hachimaru 1,000 JPY coupon • Kuroge Washu Yakiniku Mikakuya 1,000 JPY coupon • bistecca IL FORNO 1,000 JPY coupon • Nonotori coupon 1,000 JPY coupon • BAR CHOICE 1,000 JPY coupon • Dotonbori Grill & Bar Wonder 1,000 JPY coupon • Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store Chiso-Zanmai Daimaru Umeda 1,000 JPY Coupon ( for spends over 5,000 yen per person) • Eki Marche Osaka shopping center in Osaka Station 1,000 JPY Coupon • Osaka Umeda Takoyaki Market 1,000 JPY coupon (for Yamachan HEP FIVE store, Takoyaki Juhachiban HEP NAVIO store, Kougaryu HEP NAVIO store, Kukuru HEP FIVE Store, or Aizu-ya Umeda HEP NAVIO store) **Kyoto** • Kyoto Toei Eigamura Entrance Ticket (worth 2,400 JPY) • Arashiyama Gourmet Coupon + Randen 1 Day Free Ticket (worth 1,600 JPY) • Kyoto Railway Museum (worth 1,500 JPY) • 1-Day Kyoto-Osaka Sightseeing Pass (worth 900 JPY) **Kobe** • Kobe Ropeway Round-trip & Herb Gardens Admission (worth 1,800 JPY) • Mosaic Big Ferris Wheel (worth 800 JPY) • Kobe Concerto Coupon 1,000 JPY coupon • Cannonya 1,000 JPY coupon • Tonton Tonkatsu 1,000 JPY coupon • 298 Yakinuku 1,000 JPY coupon • Nonotori 1,000 JPY coupon • Franz Sweets Coupon (choose 1 of 3 desserts offered on the day) worth 1,200 JPY • Ganso Mitsumori Honpo Carbonated Rice Cracker can worth 880 JPY **Other Areas** • Nara: Issindo 1,000 JPY coupon • Shiga: Lake Biwa Otsu Prince Hotel 1,500 JPY coupon • Shiga: Nagahama Odekake Passport 2 Days (worth 1,500 JPY) TM & © Universal Studios. All rights reserved • Photos are for illustrative purposes only • Information on Universal Studios Japan is as of Nov 6, 2023, and subject to change

How it works

**Studio Pass** - For the best experience, guests need an "Area Timed Entry Ticket: Advance Booking" or an "Area Timed Entry Ticket/Standby Entry Ticket" to ensure entry to Super Nintendo World™. - Depending on crowd conditions, distribution of “Area Timed Entry” may end ahead of schedule. On the other hand, you may be able to enter an area without an “Area Timed Entry Ticket: Advance Booking,” or "Area Timed Entry Ticket/Standby Entry Ticket" in some cases. - To ensure the best experience, guests should either purchase a [Universal Express Pass](https://experiences.travel.rakuten.com/experiences/25726?l-id=41020_howitworks) or an [Area Timed Entry Ticket](https://experiences.travel.rakuten.com/experiences/41019?l-id=41020_howitworks) in advance. - Download the Universal Studios Japan official app in advance to apply for an “Area Timed Entry Ticket,” and for an even smoother park experience! - Please refer to the [Universal Studios Japan official website](https://rakuten-travelexp.net/about-time-entry-tickets) for more information. - To provide a healthy and safe environment to all guests, Universal Studios Japan adopts advanced sanitation measures in accordance with the "Theme Park Infection Prevention Guidelines;" for details, visit the [official website](https://rakuten-travelexp.net/usj-safety). - Attractions, restaurants, shops, and photo services may be closed or operations suspended without prior notice. - Contents or hours of events, attractions, and facilities are subject to change or cancellation depending on season, time, or weather, without notice. - Depending on your height or condition, you may be unable to use some attractions; please check in advance. - For operating hours, please visit the [official site](https://rakuten-travelexp.net/usj-operating-hours).