Shima Spain Village Parque Espana 1-Day Passport E-Tickets

Shima Spain Village Parque Espana 1-Day Passport E-Tickets

Shima Spain Village Parque Espana 1-Day Passport E-Tickets


Get a 1-day passport e-ticket for Shima Spain Village (Parque Espana) for a hefty helping of Spanish culture — Japan style! For those seeking a break from Ise's Japanese cultural wonders, Shima Spain Village provides excellent respite. The theme park offers plenty of rides, shows, restaurants, and shops. Book with Rakuten Travel Experiences to earn points at the same time!


  • The park features restaurants, shops, attractions and entertainment that both adults and children can enjoy!
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of an exotic Spanish town at Shima Spain Village PARQUE ESPANA in Mie
  • Enjoy unique attractions and character shows as you stroll through a Spanish-inspired cityscape

Key Information


Shima Spain Village, also kniwn as Parque Espana, features thrilling carnival rides ranging from the Inverted Rollercoaster for real thrill-seekers, to the Fiesta Train's toddler-friendly tracks. Recently installed attractions incorporate virtual reality and 3D technology for a more immersive experience. There are also replicas of Spanish buildings, including a castle, where you can acquaint yourself a bit more with Spain's history. Another large part of the fun is the street performances, dances, and parade at Shima Spain Village. The talented marchers invite kids from the crowd to join in! Other shows feature Spanish people presenting flamenco and juggling, and there is a flower-filled show for birthday guests where they are congratulated, and presented with their birth month flower and told about floriography through song and dance. Nighttime fireworks round out the theme park experience in summer.