Soul Retreat and Aura Cleansing Experience in Bali


On this meditative soul retreat in Bali, experience a silent natural walk, a morning jungle meditation, and an aura-cleansing experience to relax your mind and body, enrich your soul, and discover inner balance and calm.


  • Pick-up and drop-off at your accommodation included
  • Enjoy a silent walk and a meditation session in a lush jungle
  • Experience a jungle smudging ritual to remove unwanted influences and negative emotions
  • Take part in a holy bathing ritual known as Melukat at one of Bali's holy spring temples
  • Add-ons for photography, drone videography, polaroid photos, massage, etc. are available

Key Information


Experience a beautiful combination of a silent natural walk, a morning jungle meditation session, and an aura cleanse in Bali. Awaken your senses and lift your spirits at this unique retreat, and move from abundance to balance from the morning to the afternoon in a supportive and nurturing environment. After being picked up from your accommodation, you'll start the morning with a silent walk in the lush jungle of Bukit Penulisan. Together with other participants, welcome the morning sunshine by sitting in a circle to meditate and relax the mind and body, remove stress, and find inner balance. You'll train your mind to achieve an elevated consciousness in order to heal the body, enrich the soul, and find spiritual awareness. Your experience continues with a jungle smudging ritual, where incense smoke is used to clear away energies from the outside world and remove unwanted influences and negative emotions. It purifies and is linked to healing, cleansing, and improved mood. Learn to transform your personal energy and start working with your aura to heal and improve your life. Both are essential in your spiritual growth, and in working with your aura, you combine meditation and prayer into what are essentially meditative prayers. Complete the day with a holy bathing ritual known as Melukat at one of Bali's holy spring temples. Cleanse your aura and heal yourself mentally before concluding your enlightening retreat with a convenient drop-off back at your hotel.