[For Tourists] Kansai 5-Day WIDE Area Excursion Pass


Kansai WIDE Area Excursion Pass helps you save on traveling within Kansai! Get five days' worth of unlimited rides on the Sanyo Shinkansen, local trains, Kyoto Tango Railway, Chizu Express, Wakayama Electric Railway, and West JR Bus in the valid area. This pass is available only for those entering Japan on a Temporary Visitor visa.


  • Valid for 5 consecutive days after the first use — a great way to explore the Kansai region
  • Get 5 days' worth of unlimited rides on the Sanyo Shinkansen (including Nozomi and Mizuho, but only between Shin-Osaka and Okayama)
  • Available exclusively for non-Japanese passport holders on a Temporary Visitor visa
  • Valid also for selected private railways: Kyoto Tango Railway, Chizu Express, and the Wakayama Electric Railway
  • Unlimited rides on Limited Express and local trains (including rapid and special rapid services), selected private railways, and JR West buses within the valid area

Key Information


The Kansai WIDE Area Excursion Pass helps you save money while exploring the Kansai region in western Japan, home to some of Japan's most popular tourist areas. Enjoy the beauty of the Kansai region for five days with unlimited rides on the Sanyo Shinkansen (selected sections of the route only), JR West trains (local, rapid, special rapid, and Limited Express) and buses, as well as selected private railways. The Kansai region is comprised of Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe, Nara, Wakayama, Mie, and Shiga Prefectures, all of which have their own charms: • Osaka — Comfort food like takoyaki and okonomiyaki, as well as sightseeing spots such as Osaka Aquarium, Osaka Castle, the Dotonbori entertainment and nightlife district, and Namba's long shopping arcades • Kyoto — A center for traditional Japanese culture, with many ancient and iconic temples and shrines, historical attractions, high-grade matcha green tea (and matcha-infused sweets), and kaiseki-ryori haute cuisine • Kobe — Laid-back port town known for its premium, melt-in-your-mouth namesake wagyu beef • Nara — Great Todaiji Temple and its massive Buddha statue, deer at Nara Park, Kokufuji Five-story Pagoda • Wakayama — The Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail, as well as Mt. Koya, home to many Buddhist temples (some of which tourists can spend the night at) • Mie — Ise Grand Shrine, Japan's holiest Shinto shrine Travel with ease from one prefecture to another with the handy Kansai WIDE Area Excursion Pass, which gets you five days' worth of consecutive travel on the following: • Non-reserved seats on Sanyo Shinkansen bullet train (between Shin-Osaka–Okayama)* • Non-reserved seats on the following Limited Express trains: Haruka, Kuroshio, Thunderbird, Kounotori, and Super Hakuto (between Kyoto–Kamigori)* ** • Special rapid, rapid, and local JR West trains • JR West buses within the valid travel area • Selected private railways (Kyoto Tango Railway, Chizu Express, and the Wakayama Electric Railway) Discover the beauty of the Kansai region with the Kansai WIDE Area Excursion Pass — book now! NOTE: *Seats may be reserved for free for up to 6 times; for the 7th time onward, separate tickets will be required **For the Kamiogori–Tottori section of the Super Hakuto Limited Express, a separate fare will be charged

How it works

How to Receive Your JR Pass 1. Choose the date you want to redeem the JR Pass and book. A lead guest may book on behalf of a group, but note that all guests must be foreign nationals with non-Japanese passports 2. Receive your QR code e-voucher with your confirmation email. It is valid for 3 months from the date of issue, and is non-refundable, non-amendable, and non-cancellable 3. Present your QR code e-voucher, printed or displayed on your smartphone, at any valid exchange office to redeem your physical pass. (If your passport has an IC chip, you can instead redeem your pass at a green ticket vending machine marked with a blue passport logo. In this case, simply scan your QR code and passport to redeem your pass.) All guests must also present their passport for verification during redemption. See the list of exchange offices here: https://rakuten-travelexp.net/jr-west-exchange-locations How to Use Your JR Pass 1. You need to specify the date that you want to start using the pass at the exchange office. It must be within one month of exchanging your e-voucher for the physical pass. The usage period begins when you use your physical pass to pass through the automated ticket gates 2. Once you have started using your JR pass, it is valid for use for 5 consecutive days, with the first day being the date of first use 3. Use your pass on the Sanyo Shinkansen (including Nozomi and Mizuho) and local train services as well as Kyoto Tango Railway, Chizu Express, Wakayama Electric Railway, and JR West bus