Takamatsu Port - Shodoshima (Ikeda Port) Ferry E-tickets


Buy round-trip tickets to save 70 JPY for adults and 30 JPY for children, compared to buying two separate one-way tickets!

Key Information


Kokusai Ryobi Ferry operates 11 round trips daily between Takamatsu Port and Shodoshima's Ikeda Port. Choose your preferred embarkation date, and book — you can board the ferry at any time on your selected date with your e-tickets!

How it works

***From reservation to entry, it's a simple 3-step process! *** <Step 1> After booking your ticket on Rakuten Travel Experiences, an e-ticket will be sent to your registered e-mail address. You will receive two e-mails — one is your reservation confirmation e-mail and the other is your e-ticket. <Step 2> When you arrive at the facility, please visit the entrance counter and click on the "Voucher" link in the e-mail sent to you at the time of purchase. Please click the "Use" button and show the screen to the staff. (Please ensure that your smartphone can connect to the internet before your visit) <Step 3> Enter the Ferry! ・Takamatsu Port Departure Timings 06:50 / 08:32 / 09:30 / 11:10 / 12:10 / 14:10 / 16:47 / 17:40 / 19:30 / 20:30 ・Shodoshima Ikeda Port Departure Timings 05:30 / 07:10 / 08:10 / 09:50 / 11:00 / 13:00 / 13:40 / 15:30 / 16:25 / 18:00 Note: • Please check the official website for more details on the timetable: https://ryobi-shodoshima.jp/time/kokusai_ferry/ • Passengers are not allowed to board the 14:48 ferry from Takamatsu Port and the 19:00 ferry from Ikeda Port because they are designated for vehicles carrying dangerous goods