Provided by: JR-East

[For Tourists & Expats] JR EAST PASS (Nagano, Niigata area) — 5-Day Pass

Provided by: JR-East


A JR EAST PASS is a handy way to travel around Japan, with unlimited rides on some super-fast Shinkansen lines, along with other JR trains and buses. Get the JR EAST PASS (Nagano, Niigata area) now to explore Tokyo, some nearby prefectures, and the Nagano and Niigata areas at a great deal!


  • Available exclusively for overseas tourists and foreign residents of Japan
  • Convenient printable e-ticket for easy exchange — buy before arriving in Japan, or while you're in Japan
  • Incredible value — unlimited travel around Tokyo, some nearby prefectures, Nagano, and Niigata
  • Use your JR EAST PASS (Nagano, Niigata area) for 5 consecutive days from your desired date
  • A wide coverage area: includes Joetsu and part of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, JR trains and local buses in the coverage area, and selected private railways such as the Izu Kyuko Line

Key Information

Important Information

• Note that your e-voucher is only valid for 3 months from the day it is issued • The passenger information can be changed only within the day your e-voucher is issued for free, else there will be an extra fee charged (10% of the price) • This JR EAST PASS is only available to foreign nationals with a non-Japanese passport, including foreign residents of Japan. An original, valid passport belonging to the person who is using the rail pass must be presented at the time of purchase/exchange of the pass. Copies of passports and other substitute documents are not accepted • Please use the automated ticket gates when utilizing your JR EAST PASS • The JR EAST PASS does not guarantee a seat if traveling during peak times without a seat reservation • This JR EAST PASS cannot be exchanged, and cannot be reissued if lost or stolen • The following are not covered by the JR EAST PASS (Nagano, Niigata area): - The section between Minami-Otari and Itoigawa on the Ōito Line - The section between Itoigawa and Jōetsumyōkō on the Hokuriku Shinkansen (to board from Itoigawa, please purchase a standard fare ticket plus a Limited Express ticket to cover the section from Itoigawa to Joetsumyoko) - Express trains that both depart from and terminate at Tobu Railway stations (for lines jointly operated by JR East and Tobu Railway, this pass is only valid if the train either departs from or terminates at a JR station) Conditions for Use: 1. Valid only for the person whose name appears on the pass – must be a foreign national with a non-Japanese passport¹ 2. You must carry your passport at all times while using the pass, and be prepared to present it to conductors or station attendants if requested. 3. Valid for use on: all JR trains including Shinkansen (not including the Tokaido Shinkansen); the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) system; Tokyo Monorail; JR Buses in the coverage area - Not valid on JR East expressway buses, or certain local bus routes. - When using JR East services that extend through lines operated by companies other than JR Rail, JR Bus, and other partner lines, you must pay separately any fares or charges for travel on such sections, with some exceptions 4. The pass itself doesn't ensure specific seating options. To obtain a reserved-seat ticket at no additional cost, present your pass at the ticket office of a JR East station, or use a JR EAST Reserved Seat Ticket Vending Machine. Certain trains require a reserved-seat ticket. Additional fares apply to travel in GranClass or Green Cars, private compartments on Shinkansen or limited express trains, sleeper cars, and DX Green Cars. An extra charge must be paid in advance to ride local trains requiring a numbered ticket or liner ticket. JR EAST does not allow changing to reserved seating or sleeping car after boarding 5. The pass can only be used within its validity period, which cannot be changed 6. The pass cannot be exchanged for other kinds of passes or ticket 7. The pass cannot be reissued in the event of loss or theft 8. Exchange Orders can only be refunded by the travel agency from which you purchase them, and any application for a refund must be made before the start of the JR EAST PASS validity period. Any refund will be for the value of the pass in the currency you used to place your order 9. Once you have started using the pass the validity period cannot be extended, nor can any refund be given, even if trains or other transportation services are suspended or delayed for any reason. JR East will not bear additional costs due to changes in your route, such as alternative transportation or accommodation charges 10. In addition to these conditions, you must obey JR East's regulations, terms and conditions, and the laws of Japan while using the pass. 11. Violation of these conditions may result in the invalidation and confiscation of the pass, as well as a penalty equal to twice the basic fares and charges for all transportation for which the pass was used. 12. The official terms and conditions of the pass are written in Japanese, and the text of the Japanese version shall be given priority of interpretation, in the event of questions regarding transportation conditions that may arise regarding conditions that are written in other languages. 13. No person may hold more than one JR EAST PASS (Nagano, Niigata area) of the same type at one time The details above are current as of May 2022, and are subject to change. Please confirm the latest terms and conditions with a JR attendant.


Get your five-day JR EAST PASS (Nagano, Niigata area) now for unlimited travel around the Nagano and Niigata area via selected railways, including some Shinkansen lines, for a fixed price! ◆ Do I need a JR EAST PASS for my trip to Japan? That depends on what you intend to do while visiting Japan. If you plan to spend most or all of your time in just one city, you wouldn't get the most out of a JR EAST PASS. But if you want to quickly, easily, and comfortably visit multiple prefectures during your trip, a JR EAST PASS will be of great value. When you’re not familiar with the Japanese rail network, getting around by train might seem like a challenging prospect. With the JR EAST PASS, everything becomes so much simpler. Valid for 5 consecutive days from your desired start date, the JR EAST PASS (Nagano, Niigata area) allows you to travel on any JR East train, selected Shinkansen lines (the Joetsu Shinkansen and part of the Hokuriku Shinkansen), local buses, and even some private railways. Kids aged 6–11 pay the child price, while small children aged 0–5 can travel for free (provided they sit on a parent or guardian's lap), so it’s perfect for solo travelers and families alike. ◆ What do I need to know about the JR EAST PASS? - Important! This JR EAST PASS is only available to foreign nationals with a non-Japanese passport, including foreign residents of Japan. An original, valid passport belonging to the person who is using the rail pass must be presented at the time of purchase/exchange of the pass. Copies of passports and other substitute documents are not accepted. - Your JR EAST PASS will allow you unlimited travel on the Joetsu Shinkansen, as well as some sections of the Hokuriku Shinkansen, during the time period selected. It is not valid for the Tokaido Shinkansen, which is operated by a different company than JR East. - A JR EAST PASS doesn't guarantee a seat. Luckily, advance seat reservations do not cost you any extra. Advance reservations are highly recommended, especially at peak times. - Food and drink: all Shinkansen offer at least a trolley service, but you can also purchase tasty bento boxes on many station platforms. - To utilize your JR EAST PASS, please use the automated ticket gates. - Your JR EAST PASS cannot be exchanged, or reissued if lost or stolen. - Two children (ages 0–5) can travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult rail pass holder, assuming they do not occupy a seat, but a third child, or a child aged 6–11, will require a child rail pass. - The date you select on our calendar is your preferred date to receive the exchange order for the pass. The exchange order is valid for 90 days from the date it is sent to you. ◆ What routes are covered by the JR EAST PASS (Nagano, Niigata area)? The following coverage map indicates the train routes you can use with your JR EAST PASS (Nagano, Niigata area): Please check this pass's bus coverage area here: Remember that you will not be able to travel on the Tokaido Shinkansen heading south from Tokyo, or certain routes not owned by Japan Rail.

How it works

1. Book an Exchange Order on Rakuten Travel Experiences 2. Receive your e-voucher within 72 hours (always sent before your selected start date) 3. At a JR EAST Travel Service Center (available at major airports and stations), exchange your e-voucher for the pass itself within 90 days of receiving your e-voucher 4. Select your desired start date during the exchange of your pass. The start date must be within 1 month from your pass exchange date 5. Use for 5 consecutive days from your selected date 6. To use, just insert your pass in the automatic ticket gates at the station. Don't forget to collect it after — your pass cannot be reissued if it is lost or stolen 7. Use only within the designated area covered by the pass. Extra fees will be charged for use outside the coverage area

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