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Digital art, fascinating animals, and recreations of a subtropical forest and shimmering-blue ocean come together at DMM Kariyushi Aquarium, Okinawa's second-largest aquarium to date! Located in Itoman, this "entertainment aquarium" features innovative, multi-sensory exhibits that combine living and virtual creatures and recreate Okinawa's natural scenery.


  • See a harmonious fusion of virtual and living animals at DMM Kariyushi Aquarium's interactive, innovative exhibits
  • A unique way to experience Okinawa's nature with your senses — see the exhibits, listen to realistic sound effects, and more
  • Step into the colorful underwater world at the Ocean Beauty zone
  • Walk through a recreation of a subtropical Okinawan forest at the Emerald Forest zone
  • Easily accessible — the aquarium is just a 20-minute drive from Naha Airport, and buses in downtown Naha can take you there

Key Information

Important Information

• All visitors aged 6 or older are required to wear a mask; those who do not comply may be asked to leave without refund • Children aged 0–3 may enter for free, but they must be accompanied by a parent or guardian • Each QR code is valid for only 1 person; please make sure to book a ticket for every person in your group aged 4 or older • Tickets do not guarantee instant entry. On peak days, there may be a wait time, and/or entry may be restricted due to congestion • Re-entry after leaving the museum is not permitted • Exhibits are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice due to maintenance, the condition of the animals, or other reasons • In consideration of the animals, flash photography is strictly prohibited • Pets are not allowed into the attraction; however, guide dogs and other service animals may enter with their disabled companions. Please ask staff for details • Please hold on to your tickets; we will not reissue tickets for any reason, even in the event of loss, theft, damage, or defacement • Tickets cannot be resold; tickets purchased through resale will be voided. DMM Kariyushi Aquarium will not be responsible for any problems related to tickets purchased through resale • DMM Kariyushi Aquarium will not be responsible for any loss, damage, accidents, or other incidents caused by not following the facility's instructions and precautions. Guests who do not comply with the facility's regulations may be asked to leave without refund


Experience Okinawa's flora, fauna, and natural landscapes in an innovative new way at DMM Kariyushi Aquarium! Billed as an "entertainment aquarium," this attraction in Itoman's IIAS Okinawa Toyosaki shopping mall is Okinawa's second-largest aquarium to date. Here, innovative exhibits bring together cutting-edge digital art installations, recreations of Okinawa's rich nature, and a combination of living and virtual animals for an engaging, multi-sensory experience. DMM Kariyushi Aquarium is divided into two main zones: Emerald Forest and Ocean Beauty, both of which are home to a variety of fishes and other animals. Entering from the second floor, you'll first pass through the Haisai Gate. Welcoming you into this attraction is a large multi-sided screen. Watch and listen to an immersive story about Okinawa's waters and nature; accompanying the video are dynamic visual and sound effects that change depending on the time of day. Stepping out of the Haisai Gate, a giant banyan tree towers above you — you have now entered the Emerald Forest, inspired by Okinawa's subtropical, primeval Yanbaru Forest. Lush and evergreen, this zone is home to aquatic tanks teeming with colorful freshwater fishes and reptiles. The Churaminamo is a large tank with a transparent glass floor that will have you feel as if you're walking on water, while the Umikaji Dome replicates a shoreline, complete with lapping waves. Here, you can observe small creatures while listening to the sound of the waves. Pet stingrays and tiny sharks at the Touch Pool, and observe sloths, armadillos, and other land animals up close at the Yui Yui Zoo. After your walk around the Emerald Forest, head down to the Ocean Beauty zone on first floor to feel as if you're beneath Okinawa's shimmering-blue waters. Virtual Ashibinae is a digital aquarium with virtual fish and other marine creatures projected on five acrylic panels, while Jellyfish Yonnae is a row of giant cylindrical tanks showcasing the fantastic and mysterious world of jellyfish. At the Bannai Tank, look out for adorable saltwater fish such as clownfish and Chinese eels. And, walking through the Churasan Reef underwater tunnel, you'll be surrounded by colorful coral reefs and tropical fish, as if you really are exploring Okinawa's underwater world. This isn't your ordinary aquarium — book now!

How it works

1) Select your preferred date. Our system displays the default start time as 0:00, which means that you can enter DMM Kariyushi Aquarium anytime within opening hours on your selected date 2) Once your booking is confirmed, an email with a QR code will be sent to your email address. This serves as your e-ticket 3) Tickets are fixed-date, non-refundable, non-amendable, and non-cancellable 4) On the date of your visit, present your QR code (printed or displayed on your smartphone) on-site to enter the attraction

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