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Small worlds; big wonders. Step into six little worlds rich with detail and dimension at Small Worlds Tokyo, a theme park housing miniature dioramas modeled after real and fictional settings. Observe mini space stations, an airport, anime worlds, and more!


  • Create a 1:35 scale (about 5cm) mini figure of yourself
  • Marvel at fascinating little dioramas rich in detail and imagination
  • Explore the worlds of Sailor Moon and Evangelion in miniature
  • Watch full-day cycles compressed into 30 minutes at each exhibit
  • Become a resident yourself at Small Worlds Tokyo!

Key Information

Important Information

• Once the payment is successful and/or your booking is confirmed and in review, your ticket is non-refundable. However, if Small Worlds Tokyo closes due to unexpected circumstances, we will process a refund for your booking • Foreign guests must present a passport or valid identification card for entry • Small Worlds Tokyo is a wheelchair- and stroller-friendly facility, with the following facilities and amenities: elevators, nursing rooms, diaper changing stations, wheelchair rentals, and accessible restrooms


Opened in spring 2020, Small Worlds Tokyo is an indoor theme park that reproduces real-life and fictional worlds in miniature. It’s the world’s largest indoor theme park dedicated to miniatures! Within its 8,000 sqm space, you’ll get to explore six themed areas: Space Center, Global Village, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Kansai International Airport, and two Neon Genesis Evangelion exhibits: Cage and Tokyo-3. The Space Center is split into two sections with two space stations from different eras. One is modeled after a 1970s space station, where you can watch a Saturn V rocket blast off into space in a cloud of smoke, complete with sound effects. The other is a space station set in a future where space travel is the norm, and showcases six futuristic space shuttles ready to launch. Global Village features a mash-up of the early 1900s architecture of five Asian and European countries, scattered with fantasy and steampunk elements. See tiny villagers toiling in coal mines, and living in idyllic villages alongside dragons, robots, and more. Set in a recreation of Tokyo’s upscale Azabu-juban district, the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon exhibit is where you can watch protagonist Usagi Tsukino transform into Sailor Moon under the light of the full moon to take on villains. You can also get a glimpse of the futuristic Crystal Tokyo! At Kansai International Airport, watch mini planes take off, and listen to the different sounds of planes departing and landing. This area’s lineup of around 40 planes switches up regularly. Within just 30 minutes, you can see in miniature how a busy airport operates from morning until night. The Evangelion areas showcase the cyberpunk world of the hit anime series. See painstakingly detailed recreations of fortress-city Tokyo-3 and the underground Cage hangar from Rebuild of Evangelion. Want to leave behind a part of yourself at Small Worlds Tokyo? For an extra fee, you can be recreated as a 1:80 scale miniature. Your 3D-printed miniature replica will then be inserted into one of the six worlds to live as a resident for a year! Alternatively, book the figure-making experience option and create a 1:35 scale miniature of yourself which you can pick up and take home once it's ready!

How it works

1) Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email with a QR code as an e-ticket 2) Your ticket is fixed-date; once your booking is confirmed, you cannot change the date, cancel, or get a refund 3) On the day of your visit, present the confirmation email with the QR code ( Displayed on your smartphone) and your passport or identification card to enter

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