Nagahama Roman Passport — Get Entry to 5 Facilities in Nagahama, Shiga


Planning to go sightseeing around the Nagahama area in Shiga Prefecture? Save some money with the handy Nagahama Roman Passport, which gives you access to your choice of five out of 15 local attractions, plus discounts or other perks at 40 participating establishments.


  • An open-dated pass — book now and redeem your Nagahama Roman Passport anytime within the prescribed validity period
  • Learn about Nagahama's history and culture as you visit a variety of museums and historical attractions
  • Enjoy discounts (off the retail price) or other perks such as freebies at 40 participating shops, restaurants, and other establishments in the area
  • Get admission to 5 out of 15 local attractions in Nagahama for less than the total selling price

Key Information

Important Information

• No refunds or reissues will be made for any reason (e.g. if an attraction you wish to visit is closed for the day). In the event of loss or damage; you will have to repurchase a Nagahama Roman Passport • A single Nagahama Roman Passport is valid for 1 person only; 2 or more people are not allowed to share • Unauthorized reselling is strictly prohibited; anyone found doing so may be subject to prosecution • The Nagahama Roman Passport cannot be used in conjunction with other discount tickets, passes, or the like • Opening hours vary per facility; please check the official website of each facility or inquire with Nagahama Station Tourist Information Center before you visit • If you wish to ride the Shizugatake Lift round-trip, you will have to use up 2 entry tickets, as 1 entry ticket is only for a one-way ride • The number of participating attractions and other establishments (15 attractions and 40 establishments) is correct as of February 2022; however, it is subject to change without prior notice


Nagahama in Shiga Prefecture is a tranquil lakeside town on the northeastern shore of Lake Biwa, Japan's largest freshwater lake. Once a castle town that flourished under the rule of the warlord Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Nagahama today remains rich in history and culture. Stroll around town and you'll find fascinating museums, well-preserved old streets lined with traditional houses and storefronts, and old temples and shrines — plus some modern establishments like trendy microbreweries and a museum for figurines. If you're planning to visit multiple attractions in Nagahama, book the handy Nagahama Roman Passport to save some money on sightseeing! For a fixed price, you'll get entry to five local attractions of your choice out of a list of 15, plus discounts (off the selling price) or other perks (e.g. freebies) at 40 participating shops, restaurants, and other establishments. As of February 2022, the Nagahama Roman Passport is valid at the following attractions: 1) Nagahama Castle Historical Museum (admission: 410 JPY) • Note: Closed for renovation until the end of March 2022 2) Nagahama Railway Square (admission: 300 JPY) 3) Keiunkan (admission: 300 JPY) • Note: Admission is 500 JPY when special exhibitions are held, or 800 yen during the Nagahama Plum Tree Bonsai Exhibition 4) Yanmar Museum (admission: 800 JPY) 5) Kaiyodo Figure Museum Kurokabe (admission: 1000 JPY) 6) Nagahama City Hikiyama Museum (admission: 600 JPY) 7) Imashige Yashiki Noh Bukan (admission: 500 JPY) 8) Nagahama Betsuin Daitsuji Temple (admission: 500 JPY) 9) Kunitomo Matchlock Gun Museum (admission: 300 JPY) 10) Azai History and Folklore Museum (admission: 300 JPY) 11) Gosenken no Yakata Museum (admission: 300 JPY) 12) Odani Castle Sengoku History Museum (admission: 300 JPY) 13) Takatsuki Kannon-no-Sato Historical Folk Museum (admission: 300 JPY) 14) Kita-Omi Museum of Maruko-bune (admission: 300 JPY) 15) Shizugatake Lift (admission: 450 JPY one-way) • Note: If you wish to ride the Shizugatake Lift round-trip, you will have to use up 2 entry tickets Depending on which facilities you choose, you can save a little over 1,650 JPY with this pass, so book now for a day (or more) of exploring Nagahama!

How it works

1) Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you an e-mail with a QR code, which will serve as your e-ticket 2) Your e-ticket is non-refundable, but it is valid until September 30, 2022 3) At Nagahama Station Tourist Information Center, present your QR code (printed or displayed on your smartphone) to redeem your Nagahama Roman Passport, a booklet consisting of 5 entry tickets, as well as various coupons 4) Choose 5 out of 15 local attractions, and present your Nagahama Roman Passport at the entrance for admission 5) At 40 participating establishments (please check the pamphlet that will be given to you upon redemption), present your Nagahama Roman Passport for discounts or other perks such as freebies

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