Kendo/Samurai Experience in Osaka


Learn and practice kendo in Osaka with a professional instructor of the modern Japanese martial art! Learn not just the physical aspects of kendo, but also its history and etiquette, as well as its spiritual and cultural aspects.


  • Experience a samurai sword fight practice session
  • Experience wearing full kendo armor and equipment
  • Learn from a professional instructor of kendo about Japanese swordsmanship, the way of samurai
  • A kendo towel and a bottle of water will be given to every participant

Key Information


Get a holistic kendo experience — learn about multiple aspects of the Japanese martial art in this activity led by professional kendo instructors! Learn to change into kendo attire, the etiquette of the martial art, how to strike with bamboo swords, and more. Anyone can experience all parts of the activity safely under the guidance of experienced instructors. You will learn not only about the competitive aspects of kendo such as how to strike and how a match works, but also about the history of kendo and its etiquette as a martial art. You will first get the chance to put on a Men, a face protector, then spar with your instructor and try a match-style mini-game. There will also be demonstrations by national level instructors, giving you a chance to observe many actual techniques up close. Finally, you will learn about kendo etiquette before photos are taken to commemorate the experience. All participants will also receive a special kendo towel to use when putting on the kendo face protector. The activity ends after you have changed back to your own clothes. After this experience, you can visit a recommended izakaya (restaurant) in Japan. Try its special samurai menu (cost of your meal payable on-site) to experience what it's like to be a samurai!