Sea Turtle-Spotting Diving Tour & 1-Night Stay at Oshima


For an island getaway, head to Oshima, where you can enjoy diving all year round due to its warm climate! This package includes two dives in a site where the probability of seeing sea turtles is almost 90%, plus a night's stay in a seaside lodge.


  • Clear waters and warm weather all year round make it easy to see Oshima's diverse marine life
  • A very high probability of seeing sea turtles at the Keikai dive site — almost 90%!
  • See the dynamic terrain that lies beneath Oshima's waters — a byproduct of volcanic activity
  • Novice divers welcome — as long as you're certified, it doesn't matter what your level is
  • Encounter sea turtles through beach-entry diving — no need to use a diving boat

Key Information

Important Information

• Although the probability of seeing sea turtles at the Keikai dive site is very high (nearly 90%), please note that we cannot guarantee 100% that you will see sea turtles on this diving tour • When the southwest winds are strong, and/or the currents are fast, entry to the sea turtle dive site (Keikai) may be restricted. In this case, you will enter the northeast dive site: Akinohama Beach, which has an overwhelmingly diverse range of fishes and other marine life. However, the probability of seeing sea turtles here may be lower • If this tour will be canceled due to inclement weather or other conditions, we will contact you beforehand to refund or reschedule. However, in some cases, accommodation charges may still apply; we will let you know if this is the case • Please understand that your guide cannot speak English fluently • If you do not have your own diving equipment, you can rent some on-site (additional charges apply; please pay on-site). However, we do not have equipment for those over 180 cm tall, weighing over 100 kg, and/or with a shoe size of over 29 cm • Wetsuits are also available for rent on-site. An all-in set (includes a wetsuit and all required diving equipment) costs 4,000 JPY, and is cheaper than renting only a wetsuit or equipment • Add-ons such as additional dives and barbecue meals are available for booking before check-out • Participants must be aged 10 or older, with a valid C-card (diving certification) — any level will do • The minimum number of participants required for this tour to push through is 1, and the maximum number of participants per group is 6 • Due to the currents and depth of Oshima's waters, buddy diving is not possible. However, please follow the dive master's instructions, and always enter and exit the waters with them • Smoking is strictly prohibited in your accommodation; all rooms are non-smoking • This tour includes 3 meals, courtesy of Pension 101: - Breakfast: Japanese-style (e.g. grilled fish, egg, miso soup, and rice) - Lunch: Exact menu varies (e.g. Japanese curry rice, fried rice, 'kaisen-don' seafood rice bowl) - Dinner: Exact menu varies, but generally is a homemade dinner using fresh seafood from the waters surrounding Oshima (e.g. grilled or boiled fish, sashimi, fried food, meat, salad, soup, rice, and more) Notes: - We cannot guarantee accommodation of allergies and dietary restrictions - Drinks are not included, but Pension 101 serves draft beer for guests aged 20 and older (please pay on-site) - No additional food orders can be made on-site Please understand that in booking this activity, we may share your booking information (but without individually identifiable data) to the Ministry of the Environment, with which this activity is affiliated. By making a booking, you signify that you agree to these terms.


Looking for a taste of the island life? If you're in Tokyo, look no further than Oshima, one of Tokyo's islands! Just nearly two hours away from mainland Tokyo, Oshima is easily accessible — perfect for a quick escape from the concrete jungle! What's more, because Oshima's climate and waters are relatively warmer — especially in autumn and winter — compared to most areas in or close to the Kanto region, you can enjoy diving all year round here. On this tour, you'll take two fun dives in Keikai, one of Oshima's popular dive sites. Located on the west side of the island, Keikai is a site where the probability of seeing green sea turtles is very high: nearly 90%. The pristine waters here are 10–20 meters deep, and they're clear — even in winter, they're about as clear as the waters in tropical Okinawa down south. In order for all guests to get the most out of this experience, this diving tour is held in small groups. The staff on this tour are friendly; they have plenty of experience guiding non-Japanese guests. Novice divers are welcome, too — as long as they have valid diving certification (a C-card), it doesn't matter what their skill level is! At Oshima, all dives are conducted beach entry-style, so you can dive into the water and spot sea turtles without using a diving boat. Sea turtles are a fairly rare sight in the Kanto region's Izu and Boso Peninsulas. This is why turtle lovers are drawn to Oshima, where divers have a nearly 90% chance of spotting these gentle creatures all year round, no matter the time of day. About 80–100 cm long and weighing approximately 70–230 kg, these turtles are a sight to behold. Especially in spring and winter, there's a good chance of seeing several turtles at once, thanks to Oshima's geography: the tide flows through a terrain that resembles the foothills of a mountain range. But don't just admire the sea turtles — Oshima is brimming with marine life! The Kuroshio Current flows through Oshima's sparkling bright-blue waters, carrying with it a diverse range of tropical fish: red sea bream, striped beakfish, white trevally, threeline grunt, greenfish, marbled rockfish, and more. Formed from lava, the ocean floor here is also a sight to behold. And once you're out of the water, take the time to admire Mt. Fuji, which — weather permitting — is visible from all of Oshima's dive sites. After a long day of diving, rest up at your accommodation for the night: Pension 101, which offers several clean, cozy wooden cabins by the sea. Surrounded by a wealth of natural scenery, Pension 101 is a lodge with a view. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji, and the sunset views are fantastic! Enjoy Pension 101's delicious meals — some of which are made with fresh seafood from the island's waters — and, for some relaxation, sit back and enjoy the view. About Oshima: Also known as "Izu Oshima,” Oshima is the largest of the Izu Islands, which are located off the coast of mainland Tokyo and are part of Tokyo’s jurisdiction. With relaxing hot springs, fascinatingly unique geographical formations due to volcanic activity, and beautiful nature such as camellia blossoms, it’s a great place to visit for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Some of Oshima’s best-known attractions are Mt. Mihara, an active volcano that’s been featured in some iconic Japanese films; Ura-Sabaku, a black desert covered in tiny, jagged volcanic rocks; and cliffs with striped formations that resemble baumkuchen cakes. Being an island paradise, Oshima offers plenty of opportunities for visitors to get in touch with nature. Most of the best things to do on Oshima are water activities and other outdoor activities: diving, snorkeling, trekking, hiking, and more. Since Oshima's waters are relatively warm all year round, you can enjoy water activities no matter when you visit! (However, please note that snorkeling tours are only available from around May to October.) At night, the island turns into a natural planetarium, making it ideal for stargazing. Without bright city lights, you can clearly see twinkling stars when you gaze up at the sky. Getting to and Around Oshima: Among the Izu Islands, Oshima is the most easily accessible from Tokyo — you can get there in as little as 30 minutes by plane! Flights depart Tokyo’s Chofu Airport around twice or thrice a day. Alternatively, from Takeshiba Terminal near JR Hamamatsucho Station, take a high-speed jet ferry (about 1 hour and 45 minutes) or large passenger ship (about 6 hours). Ferry services are cheaper than flights. Once you reach Oshima, you can get around by bus. The local bus network covers most of the island — you can save money with one- or two-day ride-all-you-can bus passes. Taxis are also available, but you must call a taxi company to arrange for a ride. If you have an international driver’s license, the most convenient way to explore the island is by renting a car — that way, you won’t have to plan your itinerary around bus timetables! Or, why not rent a bicycle for a leisurely, eco-friendly way to see Oshima at your own pace? For more information on transportation, please check the Oshima Tourism Association’s official website: (link in Japanese). Miscellaneous Tips: Keep these in mind to make the most of your Oshima adventure: - Although Oshima's climate is relatively warm, the weather can be unpredictable – strong winds and/or rain can cause the temperature to drop. Bring at least one piece of weatherproof clothing, such as a windbreaker, and don’t forget your sunblock! - For peace of mind, we recommend booking tours and activities in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons. - Bring a swimsuit even if you don’t plan to go swimming — you might change your mind! Also, some onsen facilities on Tokyo’s islands require swimsuits. We also recommend bringing your own towels and toiletries, in case your accommodation may not provide them. - Especially in summer, please bring insect repellent and sunglasses for protection. - Bring lots of cash! While shops and restaurants at Oshima Airport, Motomachi Port, and Okata Port accept credit cards, most of Oshima’s establishments and accommodations only accept cash. (An increasing number now accept e-money and other cashless payment methods, but it’s still best to bring enough cash for your stay.) If you need to withdraw money, Japan Post Bank, Mizuho Bank, and Shichitou Shinkumi Bank ATMs are available on the island. - Mobile-phone coverage for Japan’s major providers — au, Softbank, and docomo — is generally good on Oshima, but it may be limited on the east side of the island, in mountainous terrain, and at sea. But as for Wi-Fi, please note that some accommodations may not provide it. Please check beforehand when planning your trip. When in doubt, we recommend renting a pocket Wi-Fi device. - Most shops and restaurants close much earlier than in mainland Tokyo. In general, closing times for establishments on Oshima range from 17:00–21:00. - There are no convenience-store chains on Oshima. Instead, you can buy groceries, alcohol, and more at locally owned shops around the island. (For medicines, however, please bring what you need.) As previously mentioned, buy what you need before sundown — these shops tend to close early! - For more information, please check GO TOKYO’s guide to Oshima Island:

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