Private Taxi Tour of the Nada & Mt. Rokko Areas in Kobe


This private tour via sightseeing taxi will take you to locations in Kobe that are related to sake brewing. See fields where Yamada Nishiki — a type of rice that's used to make high-quality sake — is grown, enjoy the view from Mt. Rokko, and tour the famous Shushinkan brewery in Nada.


  • See spots that are not usually on the itinerary of other Kobe tours — Yamada Nishiki rice fields and the Nadame Waterwheel
  • At Rokko Garden Terrace, take in scenic, panoramic views from above
  • Visit Nada, a haven for sake connoisseurs thanks to its high-quality sake that's famous across Japan and beyond
  • Tour Kobe Shushinkan, a reputable, long-standing brewery in Nada that's known for Fukuju sake
  • Recommended for sake lovers, as this tour covers locations related to Kobe's long history of sake brewing

Key Information

Important Information

• This tour is held only in Japanese • Your taxi for this tour will be provided by Kinki Taxi Corporation. One taxi can accommodate 1–4 people • The price listed here is per group (of 1–4 people), not per person • Pick-up and drop-off can only be made at hotels and stations at Kobe's Chuo Ward (Kobe's main tourist area). For those eligible, please provide your preferred pick-up and drop-off point at Chuo Ward • For those not staying in Chuo Ward, please meet your driver at Kobe Shushinkan (please see the "Location" section for more details) • Those eligible for drop-off at Chuo Ward may opt to end the tour at Kobe Shinshukan to continue sightseeing around the area, but in this case, please arrange for your own transportation back to Chuo Ward (or to your next destination) • The itinerary is subject to change based on traffic, the weather, and other conditions • Please note that establishments at Rokko Garden Terrace have varying business hours; some may not be open on your tour date • The Nadame Waterwheel is located in a residential area; please be quiet when you visit


The port city of Kobe in Hyogo Prefecture is known for many things, one of them being high-quality sake from the Nada district, which is among Japan's best and largest sake-producing regions. On this sake-themed private tour via sightseeing taxi, you'll visit not only Nada itself, but also other locations in Kobe that are related to sake, such as Mt. Rokko, the source of the pure, fresh water that makes Nada sake so prized. To kick off the tour, you'll see fields where Yamada Nishiki short-grain rice is grown. Known as the "king of rice," Yamada Nishiki is famous and highly sought after by sake brewers for its water absorption qualities. It's considered the ideal rice for sake; as such, it's used for brewing premium sake. This type of rice can only grow under certain climate and terrain conditions; in Japan, the foot of Mt. Rokko is where it grows most abundantly, as this area provides all the right conditions for it to thrive. Then, passing by the scenic rural town of Ozo on the way, you'll head to Rokko Garden Terrace, a lifestyle complex near the top of Mt. Rokko. Take a look at the shops, check out the Rokko-Shidare Observatory for panoramic views of Kobe and the Akashi Strait, and take the Mt. Rokko cable car for even more scenic views. Next, you'll visit the wooden Nadame Waterwheel, which is actually comprised of two waterwheels: one large and one small. These are reconstructions of an important waterwheel that was used for sake brewing in ancient times but burned down in 1979. This historical attraction serves as a reminder of the Nada area's long history of sake brewing. Finally, you'll head to Nada for a self tour of the prestigious, long-running Shushinkan brewery, maker of the world-famous Fukuju brand. After the brewery tour, eligible guests will be dropped off at Kobe's Chuo Ward, marking the end of this sightseeing taxi tour. Alternatively, you can choose to end the taxi tour at Shushinkan for more shopping, dining, and sightseeing around Nada!

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