Private Tour of Kobe Shushinkan, the Brewery of Fukuju Sake, in Nada & Original Sake Label — 1 group/day


With an English-speaking guide, tour the prestigious Kobe Shushinkan sake brewery — creator of the world-famous Fukuju brand — in Kobe's Nada district, one of Japan's top sake-producing areas. See how sake is made, enter parts of the brewery that are normally closed to the public, taste three different types of sake, and take home a bottle of Fukuju sake with your own original label.


  • Observe different stages of the sake-brewing process, and tour parts of the brewery that are normally closed to the public
  • Taste three types of sake of the reputable Fukuju brand (or enjoy amazake, for those who can't drink alcohol)
  • Take home a bottle of Fukuju sake, with your own original label
  • A recommended experience for sake connoisseurs — this tour is only held for one group per day
  • Visit Nada — one of Japan's top sake-producing regions — and tour one of its oldest, best-known breweries: Shushinkan

Key Information

Important Information

• This tour is only held for one group (2 to 8 people) per day • While this tour is generally available all year round (except Wednesdays and New Year holidays), we may decline the booking of your preferred date if it is during the sake brewing break or if we are brewing premium sake. In this case, we will contact you to refund or reschedule • Participants must be aged 10 or older; however, alcohol will only be served to those aged 20 (the legal drinking age in Japan) or older. Those who cannot drink alcohol will be served an alcohol-free fermented rice drink called amazake • The tour requires at least 2 people doing sake tasting. • Please do not drink sake if you will be driving after this tour • Please do not eat natto (fermented soybeans) shortly before the tour, and avoid wearing perfume on the day of the tour, as the aftertaste or smell may affect your enjoyment of the sake.


The Nada district in Hyogo Prefecture's port city, Kobe, is well-known among sake connoisseurs all over the world as one of Japan's best and largest sake-producing regions. Thanks to its terrain and natural blessings — pure water flowing from Mt. Rokko and winds that create the ideal climate for growing premium rice — the area has had a long history of sake brewing that spans numerous centuries. Nada is an area dotted with sake breweries, also known as ‘Nada-Gogo’ (literally, "the five villages of Nada”). Nada stretches for 24-kilometer from east to west, and includes 30 breweries that account for a little over 25% of Japan’s sake production. Among the many breweries in Nada, one of the most prestigious with a long-standing history is Kobe Shushinkan, the creator of the famous brand Fukuju. A pioneer when it comes to sake brewing in Nada, Kobe Shushinkan has been in business since 1751, and it has had numerous awards under its belt. For instance, Fukuju Blue Label, a junmai ginjo sake, was the gold medalist of the International Wine Challenge 2019 Edition, and has been served at the official Nobel Prize award ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden. If you’re a sake connoisseur, don’t miss this chance to take a private tour of Kobe Shushinkan with an English-speaking guide! You’ll start by watching an introductory video to Kobe Shushinkan: its history, the sake brewing process, the Fukuju brand, the initiatives to meet the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and more. Then, you’ll tour the brewery, visiting parts that are normally not accessible to the general public where you can observe various stages of the sake production process. After the brewery tour, you'll have a sake-tasting session of three different types of Fukuju sake, plus Kobe Shushinkan's handmade tofu (If you can't drink alcohol, you will be served a sweet fermented rice beverage called 'amazake' instead.) Next, you will create your own label on 'washi' (Japanese paper) and stick it on a 300ml bottle of Fukuju junmai sake for you to take home. After the tour, feel free to shop for more sake at Shushinkan's shop or dine at its traditional restaurant Sakabayashi. Alternatively, visit other breweries in Nada, then return to Sakabayashi in the early evening for a kaiseki-and-sake dinner plan(also available for booking on Rakuten Travel Experiences.) Book now for a closer look into a world-famous sake brewery!

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