Tokyo Samurai Swordsmanship Experience for Private Groups


Looking for a memorable experience for your company event, group tour, cultural exchange, or some other occasion? Let us at Toyama Ryu Bizenkai organize a samurai-themed experience for your group! You'll get a hands-on learning experience in the three types of swordsmanship that comprise kenjutsu: iai, gekken, and battou (cutting).


  • A great way to make your event and/or package tour a truly unforgettable one
  • A comprehensive but beginner-friendly experience in 3 types of samurai swordsmanship: iai, gekken, and battou
  • Tailor-made according to your needs — we'll set up a meeting to discuss how we can customize this experience for you
  • Additional cultural experiences also available as add-ons: keikogi (martial arts uniform) rental, samurai armor-wearing, and tea ceremony
  • Additional cultural experiences also available as add-ons: keikogi (martial arts uniform) rental, samurai armor-wearing, and tea ceremony

Key Information

Important Information

• As you will be handling a real sword, please do not drink alcohol shortly before the experience • Children below the age of 18 may also participate with written permission from their parents • If you choose to hold private event at a different venue and you cancel your reservation, you will be charged not only our cancellation fee, but also the required fees as per the facility's actual cancellation policy • Additional cultural experiences — keikogi (martial arts uniform) rental, samurai armor-wearing, and tea ceremony — are available for booking as add-ons


Make your company event, group tour, international exchange program, or some other occasion one to never forget with our samurai swordsmanship experience for private groups! With extensive experience in meeting travelers' diverse needs, we at Toyama Ryu Bizenkai are a dojo providing a variety of samurai-themed experiences: tameshigiri test cutting, wearing samurai armor, and more. For those seeking a unique cultural experience, look no further. Our experience is customizable. For us to determine how we can tailor-make an experience according to your needs, we'll set up a meeting to discuss the details of your request: the purpose, date and time, venue (either our dojo, or elsewhere in Japan — additional fees apply for the latter option), and so on. The experience we offer is a beginner-friendly but comprehensive enough course covering the three techniques that comprise kenjutsu (samurai swordsmanship): iai, gekken (the precursor of modern-day kendo), and battou (cutting — the practice version of this is called "tameshigiri"). For iai, you'll learn how to handle and wield a sword, while for gekken, you'll learn how to keep your distance from a moving opponent, as well as the right timing for attacking and self-defense. Then, for battou, you'll learn how to cut with a blade — time for some tameshigiri test-cutting! If you're looking for other activities to make the samurai experience even more exciting, you can also book the following as add-ons: keikogi (martial arts uniform) rental, samurai armor-wearing, and tea ceremony. Book and contact us now for a samurai experience to remember!

How it works

1) Please note that minimum of 11 participants is required to book a group experience. The maximum number of participants that we can accommodate in a group is 100 2) Select your preferred date 3) As this is a private experience tailor-made according to your needs, the available start time is set at 0:00 by default 4) We will require a meeting to discuss your preferred time, venue, and other details. Upon checkout, you will be asked to provide dates and times that you are available for a meeting 5) At the meeting, please provide more information on your request, and we will work out a plan with you. We will let you know if a request is not feasible, and/or if additional fees are required

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