Try Kyudo Archery at a Temple in Noshiro, Akita


Learn 'kyudo' (Japanese archery) from the head priest of a temple in Noshiro, Akita. At the temple's dojo, you'll try kyudo, then compete against other participants in a mini-tournament. Challenge yourself, but don't feel pressured; it's all for fun!


  • Learn kyudo from an expert: a Buddhist priest who is also a longtime kyudo practitioner!
  • A hands-on experience — practice kyudo at a real dojo
  • Challenge yourself by competing against other participants in an informal tournament
  • From the venue, you can easily access UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site Shirakami Sanchi

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Important Information

• Booking does not guarantee confirmation. If we cannot hold this activity on your preferred date, we will let you know • Participants must be aged 12 or older


Try kyudo (Japanese archery) under the guidance of the head priest of Noshiro City's Kyoshoji Temple. Its location offers easy access to the lush virgin beech forests of Shirakami Sanchi, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, and is next to Kaze no Matsubara, one of Japan's largest pine forests. Your instructor is a longtime kyudo practitioner with over 50 years of experience. He is not only a Buddhist priest, but also the president of Noshiro's kyudo federation. If you're a dog lover, say hi to his beloved pet dog, Hanako, as well. She's a Bernese Mountain Dog — a rare breed — and she'll welcome you to the dojo! This activity is held from April 1–November 30. In principle, it is available daily, but we may decline your booking if the temple is unable to hold this activity on your preferred date. This kyudo experience starts at 14:00, lasts for 2 hours, and roughly follows this itinerary: 14:00 — Assemble at the temple; introductions; change into kyudo uniform 14:15 — Brief lecture on kyudo: its history, the principles behind it, kyudo equipment, and more 14:30 — Watch a kyudo demonstration, then try it for yourself. There will be a short break during your practice session 15:30 — Kyudo tournament with other participants 15:45 — Take photos; enjoy some drinks 16:00 — Kyudo experience ends

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