Japan Alps Norikura Skyline Guided Private E-Bike Tour in Gifu


This private, guided e-bike tour takes you up the Norikura Skyline, which, at an altitude of 2,702 meters, is Japan's highest public road. With the road being paved and off-limits to private vehicles, this is a mecca for cycling enthusiasts who enjoy an uphill climb. Enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery and the beauty of Mt. Norikura's alpine wildlife.


  • Challenge yourself without having too difficult a time — ride uphill more easily with an electrically assisted bike
  • Enjoy the spectacular natural scenery that changes as you climb up the Norikura Skyline
  • A back-up vehicle will follow along to provide extra support and ensure guest safety
  • Cycle at your or your group's own pace, as this is a private tour led by a bilingual (English- and Japanese-speaking guide)
  • Admire the view from the Norikura Skyline, the highest public road in Japan

Key Information

Important Information

• Participants must be at least 13 years old and over 150cm tall • For safety reasons, please do not participate if you are not used to riding a bicycle • This is a small-group private tour; the maximum group size is 4 people • The altitude difference between the starting point (Hirayu Gate, at 1,684 meters) and the endpoint (Tatamidaira, at 2,702 meters) is 1,018 meters; the temperature is colder at the top by over 10°C. Additionally, fog and lingering clouds are common at the summit, and sudden rains may also occur. To withstand fluctuations in temperature and weather, we recommend wearing layered, weatherproof clothing, as well as a beanie under your helmet to protect your head and ears from cold, harsh winds • Rain jackets, rain pants, and backpacks are available for rent (please pay on-site) • The temperature at Tatamidaira is usually around 10°C in summer, and below 10°C in autumn • This tour will be canceled in case of bad weather, accumulated rainfall, and/or closure of the Hirayu Gate entrance; in this case, we will inform you a day before (if we can make a decision based on the weather forecast) or the morning of your tour date. Please check your email or Dashboard before arriving at the meeting point; alternatively, we might call you • There may also be instances when the Norikura Skyline is closed (or closed to bicycles only) even in sunny weather due to continuous rainfall or strong winds • If there are sudden weather changes during the tour, it may be canceled or suspended midway, or the itinerary may be changed or shortened • For guest safety and extra assistance, staff will follow your group from behind in a van. You may leave personal belongings (e.g. drinks, snacks, a change of clothes) that you won't need during the cycling tour in the van • Mt. Norikura is home to Asiatic black bears; they are usually not dangerous as long as an appropriate distance is maintained. Please rest assured that staff will carry bear bells and monitor the surroundings closely • We recommend bringing a full change of clothes due to the likelihood of sudden heavy rain Please understand that in booking this activity, we may share your booking information (but without individually identifiable data) to the Ministry of the Environment, with which this activity is affiliated. By making a booking, you signify that you agree to these terms.


Challenge yourself on this guided private cycling tour of Gifu's Norikura Skyline, a famous mountain road that's the highest public road in Japan. (It's also the highest point in Japan that you can reach on a bike!) A part of Chubusangaku National Park, this road is off-limits to private vehicles as a nature conservation measure, making it a haven for cyclists who enjoy uphill climbs and spectacular views. E-bike cycling is a popular pastime in Europe and America, but there are many e-bike tours in Japan, too — like this one! On this tour, you'll use an electrically assisted bike, so while you'll still need to pedal, cycling uphill won't be too difficult. Don't worry too much about not being good at cycling; as long as you're used to riding a bike, you'll be able to enjoy this tour. What's more, as your guide leads your group, staff will follow along behind you in a van to ensure guest safety and provide extra assistance, so there's no need to worry if you aren't an expert cyclist, or if this is your first uphill cycling tour. Start by meeting your guide at Honokidaira Bus Terminal, which is a short drive away from Hirayu Onsen. Then, you'll head for the Hirayu Gate entrance of the Norikura Skyline, which is at an altitude of 1,684 meters. From there, the cycling tour will begin. In total, you'll cycle a 15-km route with an altitude difference of about 1,000 meters. As you climb the Norikura Skyline, observe how the dynamic scenery changes. The higher you get, the more you'll see different types of alpine plants. The clouds that seemed so far above you when you were at the base of the mountain will get closer and closer until they're almost seemingly at eye level. Finally, once you reach the endpoint — Tatamidaira, with an altitude of 2,702 meters — you can explore the summit at your leisure. We'll provide you a bus ticket so that you can return to Honokidaira Bus Terminal yourself. Book now to feel the sunshine and fresh air on your skin as you cycle above the clouds!

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