Akita Dog Playdate in Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture


Get friendly with an Akita dog or puppy—one of the representative breeds of Japan. Walk or play with a furry friend large or small, accompanied by a professional handler.


  • Add-on a dog-walking experience for double the fun
  • Meet an Akita dog or puppy in its namesake region
  • Play, or cuddle with a fluffy, well-behaved canine
  • If you fall in love, it's also possible to buy!

Key Information

Important Information

• There are no English-speaking hosts; the experience is conducted with the assistance of a translation app • Since this is an outdoor experience, we may have to cancel in the event of bad weather, etc • If necessary, we will inform you of cancellation by 19:00 the day before your experience • We will take photos for you as part of the experience, using your camera or smartphone About buying an Akita dog • Only activity participants will be able to buy • If you choose to buy an Akita, you will need to pay cash in advance at the venue • If there are no Akita that you want to choose on the day, the host can recommend others later • Your Akita will be ready about one month later; you'll need to collect or arrange collection yourself • Akita dogs (over four months old) cost about 400,000 JPY International travel • Overseas transportation costs about 100,000 JPY (quarantine agency, application forms etc., vaccination, domestic transport, air transport) • Conditions may vary depending on the dog’s condition, the airline used, and the destination country


The Akita is one of Japan’s most iconic dogs, an adorable creature beloved around the world. On this experience in Noshiro City, Akita Prefecture, you’ll meet the fluffy mascots of the area from which they take their name. Accompanied by their handler you can enjoy playtime at the venue, or book the add-on option and take them for walkies too. Whether you prefer to play with a cute little fluff-ball puppy or a fully-grown adult, your new best friend is waiting in Akita! Thanks to their expert breeders, these dogs are very familiar with humans. You will be able to cuddle, play, and walk them and with zero stress! You can also buy a pet Akita dog from the venue! Please ask the host on the day for more information. If you'd like, we can take pictures with your phone or camera too, so you can take away photographic souvenirs of your Akita dog experience in Akita.

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