Awaji Island Jet Boating and Parasailing Experiences


Enjoy Awaji Island's picturesque nature! Admire panoramic, birds-eye views of the island and its surrounding waters as you glide through the air on a parasail, or soak up the refreshing breeze as you speed across the ocean on a jet boat.


  • Take in the beauty of Awaji Island and its surrounding ocean
  • Speed over sparkling blue waters on a jet boat and feel the cool ocean breeze
  • Enjoy incredible, panoramic views while parasailing

Key Information

Important Information

- Jet boat participants must be 120 cm or taller - Parasailing is open to ages 3–80 - Parasailing requires at least 2 eligible participants per flight - 3 people may parasail if the total weight is under 200 kg (441 lbs) - Parasailing participants can weigh more than 80 kg (177 lbs) - Boat captain has the discretion to refuse participation - Parasailing participants must sign a consent form to fly


Awaji Island in Japan’s Seto Inland Sea is known for its beautiful nature, rich culture, delicious cuisine, and many hot springs. Connected to Kobe City in Hyōgo Prefecture by the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge—the world's longest suspension bridge with a length of 3,911 meters (12,831 feet)—Awaji Island is a natural oasis that's only a short journey from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Jet Boating Experience Hop on a jet boat and explore Awaji Island's surroundings! Imported from Australia and New Zealand, your trusty jet boat can reach speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour. Zoom across the ocean—you can even spin or do 360-degree turns. Exhilarating and wildly fun, it's like an adrenaline-pumped roller coaster ride on water! (15 minutes) Parasailing Experience First invented in 1962 to train parachutists, parasailing is now a purely recreational activity that's perfect not only for thrill-seekers but also for those who enjoy sky-high sightseeing. Fly high and glide through the air on a parasail, as a speedboat pulls you along! Your parasail wing will be attached to the speedboat, keeping you aloft as the boat travels across the sparkling blue waters. Our parasailing experience requires two participants for a single flight, however, we can accommodate up to three people per flight. Parasailing duration will depend on the number of people in your group. Each boat accommodates up to 12 people for a single run. (Actual flight time will be around 10 minutes.) Don't miss out on these exciting water experiences in Awaji Island—book now!

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