Duel with Sumo Wrestlers and Eat Chanko Nabe in Tokyo


This is a special show offered for international visitors in Tokyo who have a keen interest in Japan's sacred sumo culture! Challenge real sumo wrestlers in a duel, watch their stage performance and eat a delicious chanko nabe hot pot meal!


  • Attend an amazing sumo show held every Tuesday and Friday in Ryogoku
  • A rare and unique opportunity to interact with real sumo wrestlers!
  • Special activity offered entirely in English for international visitors in Tokyo
  • Meet real sumo wrestlers and get a chance to challenge them to a friendly duel and take pictures afterwards
  • Eat a delicious chanko nabe hot pot meal and learn more about the sumo wrestlers' diet

Key Information


The world of sumo attracts plenty of foreign visitors in Japan who want to experience the exciting emotion of seeing sumo wrestlers fight against each other. However, the national tournaments are held only several times per year and in different cities. Booking a sumo morning practice tour will give you access directly to the wrestlers' home, but even those tours are not held every week. If you're not able to see a real sumo wrestling match, or if you want to enhance the valuable memories from your trip to Japan with personal interaction with wrestlers, then this is the perfect activity for you! In the past, many visitors have been asking how to get a chance to duel a sumo wrestler on a one-to-one friendly fight, and this is no longer impossible! By attending this special show in Tokyo you will have the rare opportunity to try your luck and strength against a real sumo wrestler, learn more about the traditional techniques used during the tournaments, and eat a well-balanced healthy chanko nabe hot pot! This is a special event offered entirely in English for international visitors in Tokyo. The show is offered every Tuesday and Friday from 12:00 in Ryogoku under the following schedule: 11:45 - Venue opens 12:00 - Start of the stage show in which two former sumo wrestlers will show essential techniques; explain the history, culture, and practices of sumo; and fight against each other. Several people from the audience will be picked to dress in a funny sumo suit (don't worry, you will not need to take off any clothes) and challenge the former stars in a duel. Photo time will end this session. Note: Not every visitor will be chosen to duel with the sumo wrestlers. 12:45 - Lunch starts Chanko nabe hot pot will be served for lunch. In addition, guests will be served a hot "Genghis Khan" bento, a local delicacy of Japan using fresh lamb and vegetables, and a dessert. 14:00 - The event ends after finishing lunch. You will also receive the current sumo ranking as a present. This is a group event and there will be other guests in the hall (up to 50 people). The hall has tatami mats and you will be sitting on a cushion on the floor (a chair will be provided for guests with limited mobility). Note: be punctual because the show will start exactly at 12:00 pm. Enjoy the show and take home unforgettable memories of your trip to Japan!