Enjoy Cooking Japanese Food in English near Sagami-Ono!


I will be teaching you traditional homemade recipes that can be made in 20 minutes. We will enjoy our time by tasting the dishes we cooked, and by talking about food from other countries, and also about the Japanese culture.


  • Introduction of the basic of Japanese cuisine.
  • Expand your knowledge and learn about the Japanese culture through cooking.
  • Introduction to the Japanese lunch box (Obento) .
  • Learn about “Hospitality recipe”, called Omotenashi Recipe

Key Information


This is a home cooking class where you can cook Japanese dishes in 20 minutes! Lesson contents: Let’s make together side dish, cooked rice, desserts etc! You can cook easily in 20 minutes! Includes: 1. Traditional Japanese home dishes (like "Niku-Jaga"= Simmered Meet and potato, Teriyaki chicken, Miso-Soup, Egg custard, Okonomiyaki, etc) 2. Sushi rolls 3. Tempura 4. Chirashi-zushi 5. Steamed dumplings 6. You can master making soup-stock (Dashi), choose the seasoning, as well as learn how to wash the rice. 7. You can learn the hospitality of Japanese cuisine. 8. The class is held at my house with small groups. It is an at-home atmosphere. Lesson type: ● Introduce and make 3-4 dishes using ingredients of the four seasons in Japan. Have tasting then. ※There is also a shopping tour for the ingredients before the cooking as optional tour. (Around 30 minutes) ● Held at 1-5 people per classroom. (Please contact us when the number is larger) ★In case of more than 10 people, please contact me up until 2 months ago. ⚫︎It is possible to hold the lesson with Japanese if you speak Japanese. Duration: ● 3 hours 11:00 to 14:00 (tasting included) <Access> ●a 5-minute walk from the Sagami-Ono Station, Odakyu line (I will let you know more in detail after we receive your application)

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