Yanagawa River Boating Cruise Experience in Fukuoka


Take a scenic cruise down the historical waterways of Yanagawa City, known as the “Venice of Kyushu.” See vestiges of its past as you ride a donko-bune and admire the riverside scenery, all while being serenaded by your boatman.


  • Cruise along the tree-lined, ancient waterways of Yanagawa City, dubbed the “Venice of Kyushu”
  • Ride an old-school, gondola-like boat called ‘donko-bune’
  • Listen to your boatman’s serenade of traditional folk songs and nursery rhymes
  • Admire nostalgic, traditional houses and storefronts — vestiges of Yanagawa City’s prosperous past

Key Information

Important Information

• Please observe silence on the boat • For your safety, please refrain from moving around while on the boat • This is a group experience, you will be on a boat with other tourists • While we do not recommend it, infants aged 0–2 may join free of charge, and children aged 3–5 may join for 205 JPY (payment at the venue) Activity rules - For safety reasons, infants and young children are not recommended to join this tour - Your confirmation code is only valid on your designated activity date


Take a slow, romantic voyage along the scenic waterways of “the Venice of Kyushu” — Yanagawa City in Fukuoka Prefecture. This relaxing boat ride transports you to Yanagawa’s ancient days as a prosperous castle town, right in the middle of the city! Experience the best way to explore Yanagawa, and ride a gondola-like traditional boat called donko-bune. As you cruise along the canals, you’ll see remnants of the city’s past — storehouses, a bridge, old shops, and other traditional structures. Savor this wistful scenery, and take in the view of verdant trees flanking Yanagawa’s waters. With such a tranquil setting, you’ll instantly relax and feel calm during the journey — like you’re in a painting or in a romantic movie. Clad in traditional wear and a straw hat, your friendly boatman will set the music to your movie-like river tour, as he joyfully sings traditional folk songs and nursery rhymes penned by Yanagawa’s famous poet, Hakushu Kitahara. He’ll also tell you about the impressive history of Yanagawa. Don’t miss this charming experience when you’re in Yanagawa — it’s a must for everybody!

How it works

1. A confirmation code will be sent to your email upon booking 2. Present your confirmation code and passport to get on the boat 3. Board the boat, assisted by on-site staff

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