Buy Suica Card—Japan's Convenient Prepaid E-Money Card
Buy Suica Card—Japan's Convenient Prepaid E-Money Card

Buy Suica Card—Japan's Convenient Prepaid E-Money Card

Buy Suica Card—Japan's Convenient Prepaid E-Money Card
Buy Suica Card—Japan's Convenient Prepaid E-Money Card


Use the handy Suica card to enjoy cashless convenience in Tokyo and beyond! Board buses without coins; enter stations without tickets; pay for goods; or use it for services like lockers and more with just one tap. Book with us to receive your Suica card hassle-free!


  • Wide coverage area — use your Suica not only in Tokyo, but also at most major cities across Japan
  • Enjoy small savings on train fare when you pay by IC card instead of buying a ticket
  • Ride city trains, subways, or buses without handling tickets or cash
  • No need to calculate fares before boarding trains or subways
  • Flexible pickup: book now, redeem by Dec 31, 2023!

Key Information


Forget about fumbling for loose change in an unfamiliar currency — buy a Suica card to travel cashless in Tokyo! Book with us to save yourself the trouble of getting a Suica yourself; just pick up your card at any of our collection points, and you'll be good to go. Suica is Tokyo's most widely used prepaid e-money card. It covers areas served by JR East railways, plus Sendai and Niigata, but it also can be used across a wide range of coverage areas all over Japan. Suica can also be used in areas served by the following IC cards: • Kitaca (JR Hokkaido) • PASMO (Tokyo area) • ICOCA (JR West) • manaca (Various railways and bus lines serving Nagoya, including Meitetsu) • TOICA (JR Tokai) • PiTaPa (Kansai Thru Pass) • SUGOCA (JR Kyushu) • nimoca (Various railways and bus lines serving Fukuoka) • Hayakaken (Various railways and bus lines serving Fukuoka) Your Suica card is not only good for paying train, bus, or taxi fares! It's also a cashless payment option that you can use at an increasing number of establishments: shops, convenience stores, kiosks, vending machines, and even lockers. What's more, using a Suica is not just convenient; it also saves you money. Paying for your train fare by IC card saves you 1–9 JPY each time (usually around 1–2 JPY on average), which may not seem like much, but will still add up if you're a frequent traveler. One-way travel within Tokyo typically costs about 150-200 JPY, and on average, you can expect to spend about 1,000 JPY per day on public transport. Your Suica card comes preloaded with 1,500 JPY, in addition to the 500 JPY deposit that JR East Japan charges when issuing a Suica. (You can get this deposit back simply by returning your card at any JR East Midori-no-madoguchi ticketing office; or, you can keep your Suica if you plan to return to Japan in the future.) Once you've received your Suica, using it will be a breeze! Just tap and go, and if you're falling short, you can easily top up your card at ticketing machines all over Japan. If you've added too much cash, not to worry — you’ll be able to get your balance back before you leave Japan (see the Important Information for details). Book now to secure a Suica of your own!

How it works

**Refunding Your Deposit and Remaining Balance** • Go to the Midori-no-Madoguchi ticketing office at any JR East station to get your 500 JPY deposit, as well as your remaining balance (if any), back • For refunds of your remaining balance please note that JR deducts a return fee of 220 JPY; however, if the 220 JPY charge will lead to a balance of 0 or a negative amount, the charge will be waived • If you plan to return to Japan in the future you do not need to return your Suica; you can keep it if you wish • Unused cards and any remaining balance will expire 10 years after last use **Sample Scenarios for Refunds** • Remaining balance of 1,000 JPY: 1,280 JPY refund (1,000, less 220 for the return fee, plus 500 for the deposit) • Remaining balance of 100 JPY: 500 JPY refund (the balance after the 220 JPY return fee will be negative, so only the deposit will be refunded) • No remaining balance: only the 500 JPY deposit will be refunded