Yabusame Horseback Archery or Beachside Horse Riding


‘Yabusame’ (horseback archery) competitions can be seen across Japan, but opportunities to try it are rare. For a unique cultural experience, try yabusame for yourself and wear an archer's costume. You can also opt to take a beachside horse ride.


  • Get a rare opportunity to experience yabusame, traditional horseback archery
  • Learn about yabusame’s history and its ties to Shinto rituals
  • Ride a horse while taking in the scenic beachside view
  • Meet friendly horses at a riding club
  • Receive photos and videos to commemorate your experience

Key Information

Important Information

• Staff will take photos and videos and send them to you afterward • For the yabusame costume-wearing add-on, guests will wear the costume after Option 1 • Please sign up for travel insurance in your own country Activity rules - Children aged 0–6 may not participate - If the activity is canceled due to inclement weather, we will contact you by 17:00 a day before your booking and offer a full refund - The yabusame costume-wearing add-on is only for guests who choose Option 1 - The yabusame costume-wearing add-on is only for guests 155cm and taller


Yabusame, traditional Japanese horseback archery, goes back to the 6th century. In ancient times, it served as both a military skill and a Shinto ritual to entertain the gods and to pray for the community's well-being. Yabusame as we know it today was developed in the Kamakura period (1185–1333). With archers on horseback having only a few seconds to shoot three stationary targets, this traditional art is difficult — but also very exciting to watch. Today, you can watch a yabusame competition at festivals across Japan. It’s still tied in closely with Shinto rituals, so most competitions are held at shrines. But because training for yabusame is intense, opportunities to experience it are extremely rare. At a riding club in Munakata, Fukuoka, take the rare opportunity to try yabusame for yourself. You'll practice archery, then horse riding, before making your debut as a yabusame archer. Feel the adrenaline rush as you fire arrows at your targets while riding a galloping horse. You can also wear a yabusame archer’s costume for an extra fee. Alternatively, take a beachside horse ride instead. You'll take your pick from the riding club's friendly horses, get a brief riding lesson, then ride by the gorgeous, tranquil beach. Both options include plenty of photo and video opportunities, so you can take home wonderful memories of your experience.

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