Create cartoon food art with a chef in Tokyo


We'll carve fresh, seasonal ingredients into cartoon faces. It can be challenging, but I'll give you tips to make it fun. When your food art is complete, we'll snap photographs to show off your creations to the world, then you'll eat them for lunch.


  • Make a bento box of edible anime characters
  • I will help you design your characters, and I'll help you turn those designs into a meal.
  • Cutting seaweed and sheet of cheese so that it looks like faces of the character- it’s bit tricky but so much fun.
  • I’ll give you tips, so learn from me.
  • When it is all set, let’s take pictures and show it off to the world!

Key Information


This is a fantastic experience in which you can create cartoon characters from food, held in our studio in Yotsuya, Tokyo. Outline of the activity: 11:00 am: Introduction of today’s recipes and preparation 11:15 am: Demonstration and cooking lesson 12:45 pm: Tasting party 1:30 pm: End of class Menu: You'll learn what makes a great bento box with special cartoon character.

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