Guided Tour of Mt. Mihara & Ura-Sabaku Desert in Izu Oshima


Explore the otherworldly Izu Oshima Island on this guided tour. Located south of Tokyo, this island owes its unique geography to volcanic activity. Trek around Mt. Mihara's crater and discover the island's other natural wonders!


  • Explore the mysterious Izu Oshima Island and its iconic peak, the volcanic Mt. Mihara
  • See the desert-like Ura-Sabaku, covered in small black volcanic rocks called 'scoria'
  • Discover and learn about Izu Oshima’s unique geography
  • Enjoy gorgeous natural scenery no matter when you visit
  • Discover the delights of walking through the landscapes of Japan’s National Parks, on a tour you’ll never forget!

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Important Information

• Pick-up and drop-off are provided for free. Available pick-up and drop-off points are Okada Port, Motomachi Port, and hotels in the area between both ports • If you wish to stay behind to use Oshima Onsen Hotel's hot-spring baths, please call a taxi to arrange for your return to your accommodation • This tour does not include a meal, but a packed lunch can be prepared for an extra fee. We will inform you of the cost once your booking is confirmed; please pay in cash on-site - This tour requires at least 2 participants - Participants must be in good physical condition and fit for trekking - Children aged 0–15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian - We will not cancel the tour due to light rain - If we have to cancel the tour due to bad weather, we will contact you the day before to refund or reschedule Please understand that in booking this activity, we may share your booking information (but without individually identifiable data) to the Ministry of the Environment, with which this activity is affiliated. By making a booking, you signify that you agree to these terms.


Mention Tokyo and most people will think of a futuristic metropolis, but Japan’s capital has more to offer than just the well-known city center! South of the city is a chain of islands that are part of Tokyo Metropolis’ jurisdiction, including the Izu Islands. Most of these islands are just a few hours away from Tokyo by ferry or plane. The largest of the Izu Islands, Izu Oshima, is the most easily accessible from Tokyo. Volcanic activity is responsible for Izu Oshima’s hot springs and unique geographical features, such as cliffs with striped formations that resemble baumkuchen cakes. Due to its unique landscape, this laid-back island was designated as geopark in 2010. On this guided trekking tour, you’ll discover the many natural wonders that await you here. If you’re looking to see this otherworldly island’s attractions in a day, this tour is for you! Pick-up is offered on this tour, which means that you can join in right as soon as you land at either of Izu Oshima’s two ports. You'll begin with a trek around the crater of Mt. Mihara, the island's best-known mountain. Your trek starts at the Mihara-sanchoguchi parking lot, considered the gateway to the mountain. A volcano that’s been mentioned in iconic pop-culture franchises such as Godzilla and The Ring, Mt. Mihara is a popular spot for hiking, trekking, and sightseeing. Your next destination is Ura-Sabaku Desert, another example of the island’s distinctive geography. Covered in black, pebble-sized volcanic rocks called 'scoria' — hardened lava sediment, Ura-Sabaku is said to resemble the jagged, barren landscape of the moon or Mars. Don’t forget to take some social media-worthy photos here! After marveling at Ura-Sabaku, you’ll visit two more attractions: Geo Rock Garden, where you can see even more volcanic rocks and rock formations. You’ll also see a mysterious forest. Here, verdant trees form a tunnel-like trail and stand so close together that it’s as if sunlight shines through them. Finally, your tour will come to an end at Oshima Onsen Hotel — also known as Miharayama Onsen Hotel — at the foot of Mt. Mihara. If you like, take a relaxing soak in this hot-spring hotel’s open-air bath — which offers stunning panoramic views of Mt. Mihara — before heading back to your accommodation, either on your own or via our free drop-off service. No matter when you visit Izu Oshima, you’ll be treated to awe-inspiring, scenic views. For a quick getaway from Tokyo without technically leaving the metropolis, visit this Tokyo island for a change of pace!

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