Ishigaki Diving — 1-Day Manta Ray Experience Passport Course


On this diving experience course, even beginners can encounter the awe of Ishigaki’s Manta Point. Learn to dive at Okinawa's Ishigaki Island in a day, and by the end, you’ll have the dive credits needed to become an official diver!


  • Enjoy a diving experience unique to Ishigaki Island’s Kabira area
  • See majestic manta rays glide above you at Manta Point
  • Even beginners can dive with confidence
  • Complete the course and receive a temporary diver’s license!

Key Information


Join us for an amazing one-day diving experience at Kabira on Ishigaki Island — famed for the outstanding clarity of its waters. For first-time divers, we’ll start with practice in the shallows. You’ll get accustomed to diving, while still being able to stand up at any time. Then on your first ocean dive, we’ll practice basic diving skills in the shallows of the coral reefs. You will learn the self-control to dive beneath the waves, and how to breathe, balance, and swim properly under the sea. Once you have mastered these skills, we will go to Ishigaki’s famous Manta Point for your second dive (if conditions are not suitable, we will dive at another coral reef). After you have successfully completed two dives, you will have the credits needed to pass your divers’ training! Visit Kabira, and let us guide you safely through the undersea world that can’t be experienced anywhere else. We hope you’ll join us for this powerful Ishigaki diving experience!