Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden Observatory Tickets


See the dynamic Osaka cityscape with a whole new perspective from Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden Observatory. Perched 170 meters above the bustling city, the open-air Sky Walk offers truly stunning panoramic vistas day and night.


  • Behold the imposing space age steel and glass building
  • Experience romantic night views of Osaka City
  • Take in the Osaka skyline from the observatory or open-air Sky Deck
  • Enjoy expansive 360-degree panoramic views of Osaka

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Important Information

1. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an e-mail with your e-ticket 2. Present your e-ticket (printed or displayed on your smartphone) at the counter on 39F of the Umeda Sky Building • Children aged 0–3 may enter for free


Take your Osaka sightseeing experience to new heights and be awed by panoramic views right across the city. The Umeda Sky Building is an imposing futuristic landmark right in the heart of downtown Osaka. It soars 173 meters above the city, and actually consists of two separate towers, joined together by a ring-like observation deck. Also known locally as Kuchu Teien, this is the Floating Garden Observatory, but you will find no green lawns, flowers or trees here – what a Umeda Sky Building ticket offers is sublime 360-degree views across the city, from the breezy open deck. This innovative, in-the-round vantage point means every single corner of the city can be seen, providing magnificent sweeping vistas far and wide. Beyond the modern city skyline, clear day views stretch all the way to Awaji Island, some 100 km away. The Floating Garden offers an incredibly natural feeling, looking out over the city in the warm sunshine and breezes. As such, local couples flock here to stroll along the ‘Sky Walk’ to gaze at the sunset and leave love locks at the beautifully illuminated Lumi Deck. Open throughout the day until late in the evening, the Umeda Sky Building offering contrasting views of the skyline as day transforms into night. It is undoubtedly one of Osaka’s main landmarks and certainly among the most distinctive. It has been a fixture on Osaka’s ever-changing skyline for over 20 years, and from a distance resembles a single, towering arch of sleek glass and steel. To get up to the observation deck, visitors access the East Tower for a swift elevator ride up to the 35th floor. From here the ‘floating escalator’ takes you across the open air from the East to West Tower, arriving just below the observation deck. There are a casual restaurant and cafe available on the 39th floor where you can grab a bite, and gaze out over the city through the large picture windows. The Umeda Sky Building also houses a range of other dining options. Head to the basement and walk down a specially recreated gourmet restaurant area, showcasing period architecture from the turn of the century Showa era. Choose from around 20 quaint eateries serving local delicacies such as 'okonomiyaki' savory pancakes and 'takoyaki' octopus dumplings. There is also a multi-screen cinema screening International and Japanese art-house movies. Surrounding the tower are a number of appealing green spaces, such as the Island Garden Forest, lying directly beneath the two towers offering a serene and lush spot to relax amid trees and rock pools. The Floating Garden Observatory and towers can be seen from virtually anywhere across greater Osaka and are in a prime location for easy public transport access. The train station is just minutes away on foot, and a number of major international hotels are situated close by.

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