Ishigaki Diving — Half-Day Manta Ray Experience


Experience the beautiful waters of Okinawa's Ishigaki Island on this half-day tour! Enjoy two Ishigaki diving trips and see majestic manta rays on a boat excursion from Kabira Bay.


  • Experience diving in the crystal-clear waters of Kabira, Ishigaki Island
  • Enjoy an Ishigaki diving tour with 2 dives in half a day
  • Revel in the clear seas of Okinawa at Manta Point

Key Information

Important Information

COVID-19 prevention requests to participants: • If you have a fever, cough, or other symptoms of poor health, please cancel your booking • Check your temperature the morning of the tour, and contact us before the pickup time if you need to cancel; we will waive the cancellation fee in case of potential COVID-19 symptoms if notified before the pickup • Bring your own towel and drink (enough for 1 day) • Supply of hand sanitizer is limited; please bring your own if possible • Come to the meeting place by yourself if possible (rental car is recommended) • Contact us if you don’t have your own transportation; we can arrange pickup for a limited number of people (wearing face masks) if necessary • Be careful not to let others touch your diving mask, regulator, or towel • Avoid visiting crowded places in Ishigaki, such as going out for food during your stay • Please accept our follow-up contact to check on your health 3 days and 2 weeks after your experience COVID-19 prevention measures taken by us: • Rental masks, snorkels, and regulators are disinfected before each use, and washed, dried, then disinfected with alcohol afterward • Hand towels are replaced with disposable paper towels • The water dispenser in the dive shop is replaced with bottled mineral water • Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles are regularly disinfected • Handwashing with soap is available at the shop, and with hypochlorite water on the boat • Log-in procedures at the shop may be reduced or omitted to reduce time spent in closed spaces • We will immediately suspend all activities if any staff become infected, are in close contact with an infected person, or if requested to do so by the government If any of the following apply to you on the day of the tour, we reserve the right to refuse participation: - Confirmed case of COVID-19, or close contact with a confirmed case - Having contact in the past 2 weeks with any confirmed COVID-19 cases, or people in close contact with a confirmed case - Signs of fever, cough, or respiratory illness - Living together with anyone showing signs of fever, cough, or respiratory illness Participants must complete a COVID-19 prevention request form in addition to the usual participation form for diving. Please understand that in booking this activity, we may share your booking information (but without individually identifiable data) to the Ministry of the Environment, with which this activity is affiliated. By making a booking, you signify that you agree to these terms.


Join us for an amazing half-day diving experience at Kabira on Ishigaki Island — famed for the outstanding clarity of its waters. For any first-time divers, we’ll start with practice in the shallows. You’ll get accustomed to diving, while still being able to stand up at any time. Then on your first ocean dive, we’ll practice basic diving skills in the shallows of the coral reefs. You will learn the self-control to dive beneath the waves, and how to breathe, balance, and swim properly under the sea. Once you have mastered these skills, we will go to Ishigaki’s famous Manta Point for your second dive (if conditions are not suitable, we will dive at another coral reef). This course is ideal for those who have some diving experience and want to see manta rays at Ishigaki Island. We hope you’ll visit us and enjoy the magnificence of Ishigaki diving to the fullest.

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