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Visit Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima, one of Tokyo's largest onsen (hot spring) complexes, for de-stressing and self-care! Soak in steaming hot baths, relax with hot-stone spas, and pamper yourself with a wellness treatment or two!


  • Relax and unwind at one of Tokyo’s largest onsen
  • Near Haneda Airport — easy to visit before or after a flight
  • Open 24/7 — drop by anytime, and stay for up to 7 hours
  • Take your pick from a variety of hot baths, both natural and man-made
  • Pamper yourself and de-stress with wellness treatments

Key Information

Important Information

• Baths and other facilities may be closed for cleaning or maintenance without prior notice • Tickets are valid for a 7-hour stay. Extensions will cost 200 JPY per hour; please pay in cash on-site • Staying from 00:00 (midnight, the next day) to 05:00 will cost an additional 1500 JPY; please pay in cash on-site • Infants and children aged 0–12 must be accompanied by an adult • Guests with large, conspicuous tattoos (including temporary ones) will be denied entry • Guests with tattoos that can be concealed by the facility’s special cover-up sheets (200 JPY per sheet; up to 4 per person) may enter, provided that they cover their tattoos • Guests aged 0–17 who are unaccompanied by an adult will be denied entry past 22:00 • Photography and videos are strictly forbidden in changing rooms and baths • Outside food and drinks are not allowed inside; if you’d like to eat, there is a restaurant on-site About the Venue: Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima has the following facilities and amenities: - Hot-spring baths - Hot-stone spas - Lounges - Salon and spa treatments - Restaurant - Relaxation room - Lockers, including those for large suitcases


Treat yourself to some pampering and relaxation at Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima! Located in Tokyo’s Ota Ward, this 24/7 onsen (hot spring) facility is less than 30 minutes from Haneda Airport, so you can take a soak here before or after a long flight. Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima, also known as Heiwajima Onsen, is one of the largest onsen facilities in Tokyo. It boasts hot-spring baths that use naturally heated spring waters that are rich in therapeutic minerals. Great for your health, these minerals help moisturize your skin, relieve aches and pains, and more! Heiwajima Onsen also has several man-made hot baths, which are heated manually. Take your pick from the viewing spa, where you can relax in carbonated bathwater while watching TV; the jacuzzi-style whirlpool bath; and the micro-bubble bath. Aside from baths, Heiwajima affords you many other ways to relax. For some more heat therapy, try the facility’s Finnish sauna or hot-stone spas — the latter is a relaxation trend in Japan! For extra self-care, why not treat yourself to a massage, acupuncture, or a body scrub? Many more relaxing, beneficial treatments await at this onsen complex! There’s nothing like a nice, long bath to wash your stress away — book tickets to Natural Hot Spring Heiwajima now!

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