Experience Canoeing With Original Handcrafted Canoe in Akita


Have fun canoeing in the mountainous region of Akita Prefecture! Paddle in a river on a handcrafted canoe and soak in the expanse of trees and wildlife as you become one with the unspoiled nature of Japan.


  • Paddle in an original handcrafted canoe in Akita Prefecture!
  • Experience the tranquility of the river, forests, and wildlife
  • Guests with no experience are most welcome—a certified instructor will guide you at all times
  • The venue is located 10 minutes away from Odate-Noshiro Airport.

Key Information

Important Information

- Only guests ages 10 and above can participate - Transport is available between the local airport and the activity’s meet up destination. An airport shared taxi will cost 1,200 JPY one way and is to be paid at the venue - For guests choosing to depart via the airport shared taxi, the host will book the departure time closest to the ending time of the activity - The host will take photos for guests as part of the experience - The briefing before the canoe experience will be conducted in simple English and with the assistance of translation tools


To many people, the name “Akita” may bring to mind the noble Akita dog breed, originating from Akita Prefecture. Located in northern Japan, Akita Prefecture is a heavily forested mountainous region that faces the Sea of Japan. The abundance of pristine nature in the prefecture is staggering—something that can only be appreciated in person and up close. Since Akita can be easily reached with about a 1-hour flight from Haneda Airport, a visit here would make a perfect day trip to escape the bustle of the bigger cities. Experience the wealth of Akita’s nature on a canoeing activity in Noshiro City! Through the city flows the Yoneshiro River, which empties into the Sea of Japan near Noshiro Port. Following the river are forests of evergreen and seasonal trees, dramatic topography, and a variety of wildlife. Before you start canoeing, a certified instructor will give a briefing and practice session before pairing you with your canoe—an original, handcrafted canoe known for its excellent stability. When you are ready, feel yourself unwind as you paddle down the wide and calm river. Relax as you experience the tranquility of the river’s gentle flow and the expanse of overlooking forests. Keep an eye out for the various bird species, fish, and other wildlife that inhabit the river and its surroundings. Along the way, enjoy a break and join watermelon smashing game called "Suikawari" (a long-standing, popular Japanese summer game, and yes, you can eat it too!). If watermelons are unavailable, relax to a bonfire as you sip on coffee and grill marshmallows. For those seeking to experience Japan’s unspoiled nature without venturing too far away from Tokyo and spending too much time, this canoeing activity in Noshiro City is the perfect getaway. Book now!

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