1-Day Tour of the Beautiful Olive Island of Shodoshima


Home to mountains and spectacular coastlines, Japan’s largest olive plantations, and much more, Shodoshima is a must-visit island for those near Shikoku. Get on a ferry from Okayama to Shodoshima for a one-day tour of the stunning island!


  • Visit one of the islands hosting the Setouchi Triennale Art Festival
  • Take an enjoyable and scenic round trip ferry from Okayama
  • Explore Shodoshima’s top natural and cultural sites
  • Discover an old olive grove that started the island’s reputation for olive plantation

Key Information

Important Information

- The bus from JR Okayama Station to the tour’s meeting point at New Okayama Port is available for free. Please present your e-ticket to the driver. - Reservation for the free bus to the tour’s meeting point is required. Please let us know whether you will use the bus during check out - Please be punctual. Refunds cannot be made to customers who miss the tour - In case of bad weather such as typhoons, a full refund will be issued - The tour guide in Shodo Island is Japanese - The e-ticket is valid only on the tour day - Lunch expense is not included with this booking


Shodoshima, translating to "Island of Small Beans," is the second-largest island in the Seto Inland Sea between Shikoku and Honshu Islands. Covered in mountains, breathtaking coastlines, and boasting a Mediterranean-like climate, the island is famous for its beautiful nature. But what makes Shodoshima stand out amongst Japan’s many nature-rich islands, is its renowned production of soy sauce and olives. Join a day tour and explore the natural and cultural treasures of Shodoshima! The tour begins at New Okayama Port, where you and your guide will depart to the island by ferry. Once on Shodoshoma, get on a sightseeing bus and prepare to explore the island’s major attractions. After a stop at a tourist information center, stop at Choshikei Monkey Park — home to around 500 Japanese macaques. The monkeys are free to roam in a location near a ravine in the mountains, covered with old structures of the vast park. The next stop is Kankakei Gorge, which is ranked as one of Japan's three most beautiful gorges. The dramatic cliff faces and rivers turn into an even more stunning sight during autumn, when the foliage transforms into impressive shades of reds and yellows. Take a ropeway to the upper station and marvel at the majestic views framed by the sea. Nature aside, Shodoshima is also home to an intriguing traditional pilgrim route that is relatively unknown by tourists. While the 150–160 km route passes by every major sightseeing spot on the island, its featured 88 sites include lesser-known spots. The small chapels maintained by locals and temples built into caves are particularly interesting sites. The tour will briefly visit this route before heading to Nijushi no Hitomi (Twenty-four Eyes) Film Village. This place was once a movie set for the 1954 movie Nijushi no Hitomi and is now home to a reconstructed village with a nostalgic atmosphere. The tour’s most important destination is Olive Park — the birthplace of olive plantation in Japan. With Shodoshima’s Mediterranean-like climate, the island became Japan’s top producer of olives and olive oil, giving in the name “Olive Island.” The park is a working olive grove featuring a replica Greek windmill, a bathhouse, a small museum, and serene walking paths. When the tour finally comes to an end, prepare to board the newly operating ship of Olympia Dream Seto, designed by Japanese Industrial designer. Book now!

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- A confirmation email will be sent to your email address once the booking is confirmed - On the day of the tour, please present your QR code to the window at New Okayama Port before 08:10 to begin your tour

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