Sendai Umi-no-Mori Aquarium Tickets


Get Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium tickets to see 50,000 sea creatures at the biggest aquarium in Northeast Japan. Sea lions and dolphins steal the show at Umino-Mori Stadium, while penguins and more wait to greet you at the Plaza of Marine Animals.


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  • Explore the largest aquarium in Northeast Japan, with some 300 species in nearly 100 tanks
  • Enjoy sea lion and dolphin shows in the Umino-Mori Stadium
  • Marvel at projection mapping shows in gigantic Sparkle of Life tank

Key Information

Important Information

• Until further notice, the number of live events is reduced as a measure against COVID-19: - Dolphin, bird, and sea lion, STADIUM LIVE shows are held as normal - Penguin Feeding Time is held only on weekday - Other live events are temporarily suspended • There is an additional charge for Penguin Feeding Time, Dolphin Touch, and Backyard Tour • Parking is available, capacity 800 cars Activity Rules: - Children aged 0–3 enter free of charge - No flash photography or smoking in the aquarium - No animals except service animals - Same-day re-entry is allowed; be sure to get a re-entry stamp before leaving


Sendai Umino-Mori Aquarium is the biggest aquarium in the Tohoku Region. Opened in 2015, this “marine forest” has a particular focus on the sealife of the Sanriku Coast of northeast Japan — as shown in the gigantic Sparkle of Life tank. The aquarium’s other claim to fame is the huge open-air Umino-Mori Stadium, which has up to seven enthralling dolphin or sea lion shows every single day. The aquarium’s first floor has the motif of Seas of Japan, with 12 themed zones from The Submarine Forest of Maboya to The Hirose River, the Source of Sea. Here you’ll see Japanese sea squirts, eelgrass beds, hagfish, and much more. The Sparkle of Life tank is a 13-meter wide and 6.5-meter tall, sun-drenched slice of ocean that seems cut directly out of the Sanriku Coast waters. On the second floor, you have the Umino-Mori Stadium, plus nine distinct areas on the theme The Seas of the World. See fish from the Great Barrier Reef at “Oceania,” Baikal seals and sturgeons at “Europe,” plus Commerson’s dolphins and neon tetras at “North America and South America.” Also upstairs is The Plaza of Marine Animals, where you can come face-to-face with South American sea lions and penguins. They’re waiting to meet you!

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