Keisei Skyliner Train Tickets — Transfer From Narita Airport to Tokyo


Book your Keisei Skyliner tickets for a fast and comfortable ride between Narita Airport and Tokyo! With the high speed Keisei Skyliner, Nippori is just 36 minutes away, and Ueno less than 45 minutes. Enjoy speedy and convenient access to Tokyo with flexible reservations up to 180 days after booking.


  • Dedicated luggage space, reserved seating, and high-speed Wi-Fi onboard
  • Flexible voucher: book Keisei Skyliner tickets and ride up to 180 days after your booking date
  • Fast, convenient transfer between Narita Airport and Tokyo

Key Information


If you’re looking to travel from Narita Airport to Tokyo fast, the Keisei Skyliner is one of your best options. From Narita Airport, you can reach Nippori Station in just over half an hour, and Ueno Station in only 41 minutes! Plus, with flexible booking, you can book now and take the train any time in the next 180 days. Even if you’re not staying in Ueno, the Skyliner’s speed means that most major Tokyo stations are less than an hour away. Add to that free WiFi onboard, plenty of legroom, and no worries about road traffic, and the Keisei Skyliner is a solid choice for getting to and from Narita Airport. Train Timetable: Page 1: From Narita to Nippori/Ueno Page 2: From Nippori/Ueno to Narita The train will take you to Nippori Station in 36 minutes, and Ueno Station in 41 minutes. From there, you can transfer to the JR Yamanote Line to reach the following stations: - Akihabara (43 minutes from Narita Airport) - Tokyo (47 minutes from Narita Airport) - Ikebukuro (48 minutes from Narita Airport) - Shimbashi (51 minutes from Narita Airport) - Shin-Okubo (54 minutes from Narita Airport) - Shinjuku (56 minutes from Narita Airport) - Shinagawa (58 minutes from Narita Airport) - Shibuya (63 minutes from Narita Airport)

How it works

- Each ticket grants you a one-way ride between Narita Airport and Nippori/Ueno (departure can start from either Narita Airport or Nippori/Ueno) - Book two tickets for a round-trip if required - Show your e-voucher at the Keisei Ticket Counter at your departure station to receive your physical ticket. Note that you can only do this on the day of use - Each QR code on the e-vouchers is valid for a single one-way Skyliner ticket in the designated direction - Ask for the WiFi password at the Keisei counter to get internet access on the train