Try easy Japanese cooking with locals in Fukuyama


Have you tried Japanese home food? You can feel Japanese philosophy through cooking simple, healthy and tasty food. After cooking, you can enjoy eating and talking with locals! The recipe is simple so you can cook it in you country too!


  • Cook some Japanese dishes with locals in Fukuyama
  • Enjoy eating and chatting with locals

Key Information


Meet at Fukuyama Station or your accommodation in Fukuyama. We'll visit a house or community place and cook with locals. You can enjoy cooking together. Here is a sample menu: Temaki zushi, a kind of sushi. This is easy to cook and enjoyable to choose ingredients for, so it is common to cook at home in Japan. If you have any preference about the menu or the ingredients, please tell us. When the meal is ready, you say "Itadakimasu", a greeting before eating. Then let's eat together! Chat with locals, and enjoy cultural exchange.

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